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Gigantic 402: Summoning and Upgrading

Автор: MO Evangelos
Вск 18 Июн 2017 04:02:00




CREATURES are an important part of Gigantic. Every match begins with the summoning of creatures on Power Circles around the map. Once placed there they defend your territory, gather Power for your Guardian, and serve as a staging point for incursions into enemy land.

Understanding your creature comrades is a critical part of gaining the advantage over your opponents, and learning how to upgrade them will allow you to gain an even more powerful ally on the battlefield!







Creatures are summoned on the Power Circles located around the map. While any creature can be summoned on friendly or neutral points, Obelisks are the only creature that can also be summoned on enemy Power Circles.

When standing on a Power Circle, hold the summoning key associated with the creature you want to summon.

1 / 2 / 3

/ /

When the channeling is complete, your creature will appear on the circle - ready for action!


  • Make sure it's safe before you summon; you won't be able to defend yourself while channeling.
  • Protect your creatures! They'll need your help against attacking enemies. Every time you lose a creature, the enemy Guardian gains Power!
  • Consider what each creature brings to the battlefield when summoning them. Which creature would benefit your team the most in that position? Do you need healing, vision, or more damage?
  • You can only summon each creature twice, meaning each person on your team has six creatures available to summon throughout the match. Use them wisely!



Upgrading a young creature to an adult is done the same way as summoning, except with a few conditions:

  • You can only upgrade a young creature to an adult. (You cannot summon an adult right away.)
  • You can only upgrade a creature if you can pay the Focus cost of the upgrade.

When standing on a Power Circle where there’s already a young creature, you’ll see the adult summoning UI pop up – including the Focus cost of each adult in your inventory. If you have the Focus Charges to upgrade a creature, you can hold the corresponding key to replace the young creature with an adult.


  • You can upgrade ANY young creature to ANY adult creature. For example, a Young Bloomer can be upgraded to a Mountain Cyclops!
  • Adult creatures capture power faster than young creatures, and have more health and stronger combat abilities.
  • You can only summon each type of adult creature once - with the exception of the adult Obelisk, which can be summoned twice.

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