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Gigantic 503: The Clash

Автор: MO Evangelos
Вск 18 Июн 2017 05:03:00




Every battle in Gigantic culminates in an epic finale known as the CLASH. During the Clash, both Guardians move into a smaller area of the arena, and players must fight for dominion over a more frantic and more dangerous battlefield.




The CLASH kicks off after one of two conditions have been met:

  • Five (5) total rampages have been triggered between the Guardians. Whether one team gets all five or both teams have a cumulative total of five (regardless of whether either scores a Wound), the game progresses to the Clash.
  • When either Guardian has only one Wound left. Even if it only takes two rampages, the game will immediately proceed to the Clash if a team manages to score two Wounds on the enemy Guardian.

You can see your progress towards the Clash by following the tracker at the top of your in-game HUD.

Each diamond represents a rampage: green indicates a rampage for your Guardian, and red represents an enemy rampage. Watch your HUD for the transition to the Clash and follow your Guardians to the new Clash location.




The transition to the Clash doesn’t just change the rules of the game, it also changes the landscape of the battlefield itself! Every map changes in a different way:

  • The maps transform – either shifting into a whole new arena or opening new passageways for you to explore or fight in.
  • On larger maps, the Guardians will move closer to one another, creating a more confined arena.
  • When a new CLASH ARENA opens, your creatures will relocate to new Clash Power Circles in the area. These points are often closer together, giving you more opportunity to assault enemy points.

When the Clash begins, it’s important to move into the new area as quickly as possible, since your creatures will be vulnerable without you. Be sure to check out the Battlegrounds guide for more specifics about how the maps change!





The Clash doesn’t just mean a shift in the landscape, but is also the best time to make a comeback if you’re behind! The close quarters provide more opportunities for a coordinated team to take advantage of missteps, and the increased damage dealt by Guardians allows you to use every push to secure the Wound!


  • Guardians deal 1.5x their normal damage during the Clash. Use this to your advantage to finish off Wounds.
  • Play as a team! Don't get caught alone; work together to pressure points and single out enemy Heroes.
  • Be aware of your surroundings! Map awareness and tactical play shine during the Clash.

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