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Новости Arc


Автор: PWE_Dash
Чт 24 июн 2021 09:30:40


  • New Event: Tipping the Scales
  • New Premium Outfit: Draconic Scourge
    • 1500 Zen, Outfit & Packs section
  • Resolved an issue where some items such as barrels, or carts were missing textures.
  • Increased encounters in story missions and ordeals throughout the game
  • Additional performance increases throughout the game
  • Additional Navmesh improvements
  • Localization additional changes throughout the game for bugs, and new content



  • Benalia:
    • Benalia Story 1:
      • Updated cabal artifact encounter to scale properly with difficulty
  • Gavony:
    • Major Skirmish: Their Sacrifice is Appreciates awards fixed to grant major skirmish awards
    • Gavony Story 1:
      • Resolved an issue where players would respawn at the start of the map when dying in the final arena
  • Tolaria:
    • Tolaria Ordeal: Meltdown
      • Mana Orb FX (such as in the Tolaria Meltdown Ordeal) now play when carried by a player.


  • General:
    • Resolved an issue where summoned creatures dying counted toward ordeal scores
    • Harvest Planar Mana now properly will grant rewards if you've maxed your weekly bonus.


  • Geomancer:
    • Utility Potency increases damage of utility ability now
  • Pyromancer
    • Utility Potency increases damage of utility ability now
    • The Pyromancer Spark Power, Burn to Ash, now correctly terminates at 0 Spark Meter.
    • Fiery Escape:
      • VFX improved
    • VFX for Pyromancer primary AOE have been restored.


  • General:
    • Evolvozoa now properly unlocks at rank 1
  • White:
    • Spirit Offering:
      • The Geists are now visible.


  • Broker:
    • Added  Legends Booster Pack to the consignment broker

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