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Новости Arc
Clockwork Lawnmower
24 Сентябрь, 2020


Forged + Blood Drinker


Spin to win with this whirlwind of a build, remaining tanky and mobile while still cutting a path through swaths of enemies.  


This mobile and bloody build is for those that want to spin-to-win.


“This build is admittedly fully based around the theme of 'Spin to Win'.” Michael describes the Forged build further, “It has so many spinny elements! Turns out, staying mobile while sawblading through everything is actually more effective than it seems at first glance. Drain is really the star of the show that ties everything together.”



Cyclone Mode
This build focuses on Cyclone Mode as its primary damage skill.  Although Cyclone Mode can be difficult to utilize as a core skill early on, invest heavily in it to reduce its heat cost, allowing you to maintain it for longer periods.

Vortex Bomb (Vent)
This will serve as the primary Vent skill. Cyclone Mode will place you right in the thick of the action - the perfect place to set off a Vortex Bomb for massive damage.

With Cyclone Mode allowing you to position in the midst of a group of enemies, Drain is extremely effective for AoE damage and healing. Invest in Drain to its maximum potential to turn it into a very powerful burst damage source.

Dance of Death
For elite packs and larger groups of enemies, Blood Drinker’s Dance of Death will quickly make work of them. Did we mention lawnmower?



Power Projection
There will be times when the going gets tough, so Power Projection and Sonic Pulse is recommended for an extra defensive boost.

Sonic Pulse
Sonic Boost, in addition to Power Projection, will make enemies weaker against your attacks.

Fracking Strike (Vent)
Although most builds only take one Vent skill, it may be wise to bring along Fracking Strike, specifically for single-target boss fight encounters.  Vortex Bomb isn’t very effective against groups, but Fracking Strike (when invested in) can deal massive damage to targets in close range.

Poison Dart
A little extra damage over time never goes unwarranted for tough encounters.

Ramming Robot
Cyclone Mode lets you stay mobile, but it isn’t fast enough to escape some heavy hitting incoming attacks.  Ramming Robot is still recommended.



When paired with a Bleeding Weapon, combined with the incredibly frequent rate of hits this build provides, Rupture is extra effective.

Increasing Relic Energy gains means more Drains and Dances, increasing burst damage potential.

Bloody Chalice
While channeling Cyclone Mode, it becomes much easier to pick up dropped Chalices for extra healing and defense.



Arc-Powered Treads
Allows for Drain and Dance of Death to be cast even more frequently.  Combined with Energizer, your Relic Energy bar will be filling incredibly quickly.

Unstable War Arm
As Vortex Bomb is the primary Heat spending source, and your positioning will often place you into a cluster of enemies, Unstable War Arm provides a potent damage boost.

Arc-Powered Shoulders
Dance of Death is especially potent when combined with the Arc-Powered Shoulders in this build, as you will constantly be on the move.


Сен 24th, 2020

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