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Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online: Release Notes: May 7, 2015

Od LaughingTrendy | śro, 6 maj 2015, 18:27:00


  • Sector Space:
    • Adjusted the Corwin planet so it does not look like Earth.
    • The lighting has been adjusted throughout Sector Space.
    • Borg Universal Console Geometry Effects are no longer extremely large on the Federation Intel Escort and the Undine Nicor.
    • Duty Officer assignments have returned to the Rolar Nebula.
    • Players are now sent to the correct Sector map location when leaving a Borg Red Alert.
    • Updated Sector Space FX for speed lines, slipstream, and fireworks.
      • Speed lines and Slipstream were not always lining up correctly.
      • Fireworks were too big in Sector Space.
    • Resolved an issue causing the drop out of lens flare on distant stars.
    • The Academy Traffic Controller now correctly refers to the new Sector Space layout.
  • Resolved an issue which was occasionally causing a crash when transferring maps.
  • Resolved an issue which was causing some lag when logging in.
  • Resolved an issue which caused KDF Captains to not appear on the scoreboard at the end of a PvP match.
  • Resolved an issue with the Skill Respec window which would sometimes show debug text and cause a crash.
  • Grace Lee Whitney has been added to the memorial plaque.


  • Research and Development Traits:
    • Resolved an issue that was preventing the effects of any of the R&D Traits, except for “Particle Manipulator”, from accurately applying their benefits when triggered.
    • The duration of the buffs granted by "Deft Cannoneer" and "Beam Barrage" have been increased from 20 seconds to 30 seconds.
    • Added a Buff icon to the effects of "Give Your All".
    • Reduced the Penetration granted by "Penetrating Rounds" from 10% to 5%.
    • Updated the descriptions on all R&D Traits to more accurately reflect their mechanics.
    • Placed a hard-cap of +50% on the +CritChance gained by “Particle Manipulator”.
    • Reduced the Critical Chance benefit per point of “Particle Generators” from .25 to .20.
      • Added a Critical Severity buff.
    • Each point of “Particle Generators” will grant .1% Crit Severity for Exotic Damage abilities, and there is no cap on this benefit.
  • Research and Development:
    • Vaadwaur Tricobalt Cluster Torpedo, the reward from "Revelations", can now be upgraded.
    • The Solanae Secondary Deflector now gains a [PG/SE] mod at Gold quality.
      • Existing gold versions will have the mod added to them.
    • Plasma-Disruptor Hybrid Dual Heavy Cannons are now upgradable.
  • Iconian Resistance Reputation:
    • Radiant Subatomic Pulse now increases Flight Speed by 20%, up from 10%.
    • Iconian Resistance Shotgun:
      • Removed the blinking glow from the metal surface.
      • The reflection on the gun should be visible on low end graphic machines.
      • Added audio to this weapon.
    • Added a Reclaim Store Tab to the Iconian Reputation Store for reclaiming the Encoded Data Receiver if it has been lost.
      • This store tab will not display unless the player has both earned the Encoded Data Receiver and lost it.
    • Removed Kit Damage, Debuff, and Buff categories from Iconian Reputation Kits.
  • Players may no longer equip two different "Ancient Omni-Directional Beam Array" by Upgrading one and leaving the other un-Upgraded.
    • Only one of this weapon is intended to be equipped at a time.
    • Players that have more than one currently equipped will not have their items removed, but will be unable to replace them if removed for any reason.
  • Global drop rates of different types of ground gear have been adjusted relative to one another, for Ground drops only.
    • This should result in more Kit Modules appearing on a regular basis, with a relative decrease to most other gear options.
  • Slotting Elite Nusuti Heavy Fighters will now correctly allow the player to launch Elite Heavy Fighters instead of Advanced Heavy Fighters.
  • Duty Officers:
    • Ultrarare and Epic Duty Officers will now correctly apply a Reward Scalar when used on Assignments, in addition to the odds bonus they already offer.
    • Resolved an issue that was causing all assignments with durations between 12 hours and 15.9 hours to scale their rewards more aggressively than intended.
      • The Skillpoint, Expertise, and CXP bonuses from these Assignments will be reduced accordingly.


  • Resolved an issue that was causing the Slow component of “Suppression Barrage” to ignore resistances/immunities.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing Frictionless Particle Grenade IV to apply the effects of Rank I.
  • Duration of the Disable can now be resisted with Inertial Dampers skill for the Viral Torpedo.
  • Quick Draw:
    • Changed tooltip from "Non-Weapon Abilities" to "Kit Abilities”.
    • Resolved the issue where many Kit Modules were not properly benefiting from the recharge reduction offered by Quick Draw.
  • Commando Specialization - Juggernaut Systems:
    • Resolved an issue that was causing the lockout period to be removed from the target when the owner of the ability stopped Sprinting.
    • This ability now only has a 50% chance to Knock when used in PvP.
      • If it does not Knock, it will instead apply a Repel to the target.
      • Both effects cause the same 12 second lockout period to apply.
  • Commando Specialization - Juggernaut Shielding: Resolved an issue that was preventing Shield Capacity from automatically updating when this Specialization Ability was active.
  • Resolved an issue where the Blood of the Warrior set bonus from the Klingon Honor Guard and Adapted M.A.C.O. sets were not applying Critical Chance and Critical Severity.
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing Predictive Algorithms from correctly clearing 1 Debuff from the owner when triggered.
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing the Xindi Armory Officer from reducing the cooldown of Seeker Drone.


  • Gateway to Gre’thor:
    • Advanced now has a performance failure condition.
      • Advanced now fails if the team does not save a single transport in phase 2.
      • Numbers have been adjusted to provide the same as, or rewards greater than previous.
      • The net total of marks should be the same as previous, or slightly higher.
    • Updated the Contact to give version specific instructions on the transport phase.
      • Normal has no added information.
      • Advanced mentions player must save one to pass.
      • Elite mentions player must save the required number to pass.
    • Added Skillpoints to the rewards for optional objectives.
  • Brotherhood of the Sword:
    • Mark rewards have been scaled down as they were initially set too high.
    • Advanced no longer has required objectives.
      • Instead, all potential objectives will be present during Advanced and each is able to be completed for rewards.
  • Herald Sphere:
    • Stage 1: Advanced version can no longer be failed here.
    • Stage 2: Optional bonus for Normal AND Advanced can be failed.
      • The whole mission does not fail when this happens.
    • Stage 3: Advanced no longer fails if timer expires
    • Stage 4: Optional bonus for defeating the boss before time runs out for both Normal AND Advanced.
      • Advanced does not fail when timer expires.
    • Resolved an issue where optional objectives were not being included in the reward in Advanced mode.
  • Resolved an issue where Blood of Ancients was not rewarding the weekly refreshed upgrade kit.
  • Una System Patrol: Resolved an issue where when selecting "Not Now" when offered the contact to depart system would remove this option to leave the map.
    • The contact pop-ups will also no longer disable active cloak
  • Tazi System Patrol: Resolved an issue where this patrol would display a "Warp to Sector" button at all times, and after completion of patrol would display two buttons for leaving the map.
    • There is only one "Depart System" button, and it only appears after the patrol is completed.
    • The contact pop-ups will also no longer disable active cloak.
  • Culver System Patrol: Enemies that spawn on the ground map now match player level.
  • The Auto-navigate option works for the episode “Blood of Ancients”.


  • Added Solanogen-Based Lifeforms as NPC Contacts.
  • Added Iconian Heralds ground NPC Group.
  • Added Iconian space NPC Group.
  • Corrected the display names for some Vaadwaur ships.


  • Iconian Resistance Armor:
    • There are now two versions of the body suit:
      • One with a pulsing glow,
      • One with a solid metallic color.
    • Proper tints are now available.
    • Added compatibility with many badges and ranks for all factions.
  • Implemented some Klingon faction asset improvements.
    • Improvements to male boots.
    • Improved overall body proportions.
    • Minor changes to Klingon Bortasqu, Standard Uniform Uppers, and arm attachments to accommodate these changes.
  • Resolved an issue which was allowing KDF Photonic Bridge Officers to have access to stances that should not be available.
  • The Holographic Medical Bridge Officer for both Federation and KDF captains now has customization options for their outfits.
  • Added Hologram effects to the Photonic Bridge Officer rewards from the Delta Recruit Event.
  • Resolved an issue which caused Reman males to lose their chest when wearing the Romulan Fed Uppers.
  • Resolved an issue which was causing the “Braided” hairstyle to look incorrect for aliengen characters of KDF alignment.
  • Added more eye attach tech options to wear for Talaxians for a total of 4.
  • Scar options added to Talaxian heads.

Known Issues:

  • Foundry Edit and Foundry Review are not available.
    • Also, some published missions in the Beta Quadrant cannot be accessed.
  • Dismissing Epic Quality Duty Officers does not grant any rewards.
  • The Photonic Bridge Officer for Federation and Klingon Captains cannot be altered in the tailor without dismissing the current Photonic Officer if already claimed.
    • We are working on a fix to make this automatically work without needing to dismiss it first.
  • Many of the Herald Squad NPC Groups are actually Bluegills in the Foundry.
  • Occasionally, when accepting a new Episode, the sub tasks under the episode name will not initially appear in the mission tracker.
  • Gravity Well powers are not restricting use of the Tactical Maneuvers for Pilot ships.

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