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PC Patch Notes for 4/2/20

First Contact Day Celebration!

  • Join us for the First Contact Day Celebration starting on PC on April 2nd, 2020 and continuing until April 23rd, 2020.
  • The First Contact Day Event can be accessed through Star Trek Online’s recently released Events Tab.
  • Two ways to earn Event Progress! Compete with four other players to build and launch your very own Phoenix Rocket, or join Seven-of-Nine and travel back to April 4th, 2063, and participate in a brand new patrol surrounding the titular event.
  • Captains that earn 14 or more Daily Progress may then claim Event Grand Prize – a Temporal Vortex Probe (Universal Console).
  • For more information, please visit the “Defend First Contact Day!” blog at:


  • New Event Patrol: One Night in Bozeman
    • Included with the traditional model rocket building First Contact Day TFO, Captains will be able to participate in a brand-new patrol, “One Night in Bozeman”.
    • Access this limited-time content through the Event UI, or the Patrols Tab of the PvE UI.
    • The Borg have altered the timeline to ensure that they succeed in their previously-foiled plan to stop First Contact between Earth and Vulcan.
    • Team up with Seven-of-Nine and discover what The Borg have done to alter the timeline, and then do everything you can to correct it.


  • First Contact Day Event Rewards:
    • First Contact Day Badge Box:
      • Completing either of the participating activities once per day, per account, will earn you a First Contact Day Badge Box.
      • Opening this box will grant players the opportunity to choose between 17 never-before-released Comm Badges as account-wide unlocks.
    • First Contact Day Event Grand Prize:
      • Upon reaching 14 days of Progress, you will become eligible to claim the Grand Prize! This includes the following items:
        • Console – Universal – Temporal Vortex Probe (Account Unlock)
          • Inspired by Borg technology, this probe is capable of opening a dangerously unstable Temporal Vortex that can travel through local space to damage and debilitate enemy vessels in the area.
          • The drone will travel toward the targeted foe's current location, dragging the anomaly with it while emitting chroniton radiation in a large cone facing away from its trajectory.
          • This console also provides a passive boost to Exotic Damage and Cooldown Reduction for Temporal Operative Bridge Officer Abilities, as well as a scaling bonus to Turn Speed that scales with Auxiliary Power.
          • This Console can be equipped in any console slot on any starship.
        • First Contact Day Bundle – contains all of the following:
          • 1x Captain Specialization Point (cannot reclaim)
          • 25,000 Dilithium Ore (cannot reclaim)
          • “Launch Toy Rocket” Social Device (Account Unlock)
          • Holo-Emitter – Phoenix Shuttle (Account Unlock)
    • Bonus Rewards:
      • After claiming the Grand Prize, you will unlock the option of earning additional Dilithium Ore each day, beginning at 8,000 Dilithium Ore for the first day’s completion.
  • Zen Buyout Option:
    • For players interested in instantly completing the First Contact Day Event, we will be offering an updated method for buying out.
      • Within the new Event UI, an option will be presented that allows you to purchase the remaining progress that you need, for a scaling amount of Zen.



  • The Ferengi Marauder starship model has been remastered with a new model and a new ship material.
kwi 1st, 2020

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