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A Note on Active Companion Bonuses in PvP

Di Andy (StrumSlinger) | mar 06 ott 2015 14:13:43 PDT

Hey folks, wanted to stop by and give you some information about Active Companion Bonuses (ACBs) in PvP maps. First, a few quick points:

  • We did not intend to turn ACBs on for Domination PvP and they will be turned off in an upcoming build.
  • We DID want these to work for Stronghold PvP and they will be left on there.


One of our goals with Stronghold PvP was to make sure it was inclusive for people of all skill levels; this isn’t meant to be the expert check that you might find in Domination. As such, we understand that some of the companions (Pig comes to mind) have attacks that are just too brutal in PvP. However, most of the ACBs are ok in the non-hyper competitive mode of Stronghold Siege.

That said, we do know that some of the ACBs need to be monitored and probably adjusted. We will be paying attention to how things go in Stronghold Siege to help gauge those changes. Also, please do post your feedback! If you see things that feel broken or need to be adjusted, let us know! We want companions to have meaning in Stronghold Siege, but we don’t want to break the experience.

To say it again, Domination is meant to be a different experience than Stronghold Siege. To reinforce that, ACBs will be turned off soon in Domination, and left on in Stronghold Siege.

Scott Shicoff

Lead Designer

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