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Last Chance: Frozen Crystal Lockbox

Di DwightMC | gio 26 giu 2014 09:48:00 PDT

Update: Starting tomorrow 6/26 at 10 AM PDT we'll be introducing a new lockbox with even better rewards! More details will come then so be sure to check back.

What does this mean for existing Lockboxes? You will still have them to sell on the Auction House or open - up to you! 


Now that Module 3: Curse of Icewind Dale is live in Neverwinter, be sure to head into the new adventure zones and become a Mercenary! Along the way, you’ll come across dangerous enemies corrupted by Black Ice, loot new items through Heroic Encounters and by completing quests in the new Icewind Dale campaign. Also, be on the lookout for the new Frozen Crystal Lockbox featuring a brand new Legendary quality mount  and many items to aid you in your quest for Black Ice. Open Frozen Crystal Lockboxes now and you can be rewarded with the newest treasures to better prepare you for the challenges that lie ahead in Neverwinter.

Don't forget that each lockbox requires its own Enchanted Key before you can reveal what's inside. You can find Enchanted Keys in the Zen Market by pressing 'Y'.

Enchanted Keys

If you haven't opened a Unearthed Lockbox, or a Rusted Iron Lockbox in the past, open up an 
Frozen Crystal Lockbox and see what rewards you can receive:

Black Ice Warhorse – Only the second legendary mount to ever appear in Neverwinter, this extremely rare war horse is clad in Black Ice armor. Corrupted by Black Ice, this mount has become volatile and aggressive making it one of the most intimidating steeds in Neverwinter. Players riding this mount throughout Icewind Dale will be the envy of all Adventurers.  Don’t miss out on your chance to own this irreplaceable mount!

Black Ice Ioun Stone– This Ioun Stone has been exposed to the power of Black Ice and now synergizes with your Black Ice gear in the new Icewind Dale adventure zones. Not only does the Black Ice Ioun Stone grant bonuses to the wearer, it also decreases the Black Ice consumption allowing your armor to be empowered for longer.

The Black Ice Ioun Stone has initial power points in every category. It also has two Defensive and one offensive slots for runestones. This augmentation companion also has a neck, and two ring slots.

As a Purple quality companion, the Black Ice Ioun stone has a Max Rank of 30, providing you with four skins from which to pick.

At Rank 30, the Ioun Stone will have these four Power Dice:

The Black Ice Ioun Stone has one active bonus:

Active Bonus

-15% Black Ice Consumption

Sphere of Black Ice Artifact- This sphere of Black Ice is perfect in form, smooth and polished. Yet it carries with it the corruption of the powerful resource. The artifact uses Black Ice to root the target and does damage over time, then explodes dealing AoE damage after 3 seconds. The Sphere of Black Ice Artifact has a recharge time of 140s.

Use: The corrupting influence of Black Ice roots the target for 3 seconds and also does 1,450 damage every second for 3 seconds. After 3 seconds the Black Ice will reach critical mass and explode, damaging all nearby enemies for 3,265 damage.

Equip: +183 Recovery

Equip: +300 Life steal

Equip: +166 Control Bonus

Slayer Amulet of the Xvim- An arcane item worn by the Slayer Knights of the Xvim in the protection of ancient Maluradek's Castle in Icewind Dale. This item scales its stats to your current level, and binds to your account upon being equipped. Part of set (Slayer Amuelt of Xvim, Belt of Xvim, Ring of Xvim), more information about the item set will be announced at a later date so stay tuned. 

Equip: +125 Power

Equip: +125 Critical Strike

Equip: +125 Recovery

Equip: +50 Regeneration

Artifact Provisions Pack – Refining stones are a key component used to upgrade Artifacts during the Refinement process. With this pack you’ll get a Refining Stone and Lesser Refining Stone, and one of the following: Water of Elah’zad (Artifact), Amulet of Passage (Artifact), Lantern of Revelation (Artifact), and Lesser Refining Stone.

Reghed Barbarian Relic- Take this relic to Cenred Easton in Caer-Konig. He is always on the lookout for rare Barbarian relics to further his studies. Players can trade this relic for the Bag of Icewind Wealth containing: 30 Konig Coins, 5 Auril’s Tears and 5 Dwarf Gold, items which will assist you in progressing in the Icewind Dale Campaign.

Black Ice Shaping Special Pack – This special pack contains Black Ice Shaping assets that will aid adventurers in their quest to complete the rarest of profession tasks. This pack contains:

1 Epic, Rare, or Uncommon Black Ice Shaping Asset. 1 Uncommon Black Ice Shaping Asset. 1 Uncommon Black Ice Shaping Resource or 250 Black Ice.

Planar Idol- Earn up to 50,000 Astral Diamonds for Neverwinter! Spend them on your most desired in-game items at the Wondrous Bazaar and elsewhere.

Corrupted Strongbox of Enchantments – Players will have a chance to earn a permanent black ice enchantment along with other enchants featured in previous lockboxes. This pack contains one of the following: Brilliant Diamond, Blood Ruby, Black Opal, Lesser Indomitable Runestone, Lesser Tenebrous Enchantment, Lesser Plague Fire Enchantment, Epic Enchantment, 1 or 2 Rare Enchantments.

Companion Fortification Kit –  Items from the companion kit can be used to strengthen your companion’s effectiveness in battle. Notably, you will have a chance to gain a companion upgrade token which can help you upgrade your companion to Max level 30. This pack contains one of the following: Companion upgrade token, Lesser Bonding Runestone, Eldritch Runestone, 3 Rare Runestones, and a Tome of Companion Experience.

Trade Bar Jackpot – Get yourself a greater chance to obtain Tarmalune Trade Bars in large numbers!  

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