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Torchlight 3

Developer Update - New Class Revealed

Di Echtra_Bean | mer 31 mar 2021 17:11:39 PDT

The Cursed Captain class is coming to the next Torchlight III update...

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Ahoy frontier adventurers, 

We 'ave the big sneak peek ye 'ave been waitin' fer! Aye, the CURSED CAPTAIN be comin' in the next content update - a new mid-range class that packs a lot o' punch through large cannons 'n powerful ghostly summons.

We've prepared this shanty fer ye in the hopes that it shivers yer timbers while the update be undergoin' its final testin' stages.


Credits: The Torchlight III and Perfect World pirate shanty choir.

We expect this update t' come out in about a month 'n a half, or as the shanty states, about '40 days or more...' - but don't ye worry, we shall be back wit' another, mighty detailed look at the Black spotted Cap'n as we get closer t' launch.

- Echtra Bean



A new class is indeed coming to Torchlight III with the next large (free) content update! Anchored in a state between life and death, the Cursed Captain remains true to its adventurous spirit.

As an experienced captain of the seas, this corporeal spectre can summon a ghostly crew of swashbucklers, and use the tools of the piracy trade to tackle combatants. The Cursed Captain utilizes their own unique resource, Doubloons, which are collected mid-combat from monsters and treasures.



The New Cursed Captain Class will come alongside the free update to Torchlight III this Spring!

In addition to the Cursed Captain’s new class-specific weapon (the cannon), its attire also includes a new class-specific armor type - capes.

“The Captain fully realizes an archetype of class not yet fulfilled - the Summoner.  While some of the other classes do have the capacity to summon minions, the Captain is the first to dive deep into that mechanic.  Cannoneers, Riflemen, standard Crewmates, and your First Mate all can join you in combat, should you include them in your build. As the captain of this crew, you have the power to command them! You can order the crew to relocate, perform extra skills on demand, or focus fire on a specific target using the Black Spot debuff.

If leading a crew of undead seafarers is not to your liking, the Cursed Captain is also a powerhouse on their own, packing a wide array of cursed magic and explosive skills. Instead of paying Doubloons to your Crew, load them up into your trusty cannon and fire them with the Plunderbuss skill, or order your flagship to fire a deadly broadside onto your foes from afar... or, simply bring the flagship directly into the fight. Yes, I do mean the ENTIRE ship.”

The Cursed Captain will set sail alongside many other updates, content, bug fixes, and performance improvements.


An abundance of adorable pets are making their way to the frontier. From the ‘Samurai Shiba Inu’ to the ferocious ‘Fire Fox’, the frontier’s collection of pets will grow with new, additional quality of life updates in tow. 


• FOUR NEW Species with over FOURTY NEW pets and pet variants!
• Improvements to the Pet UI, including the ability to better manage, delete, and sort your pets.
• More pet slots!
• Resolved the bug that prevents pets from joining their owners while adventuring.










These six furry friends are only a fraction of the latest pets to join the frontier.

There are also an assortment of other content and quality of life updates that will also be coming alongside this ‘Cursed Captain’ update, including an entirely new ‘Fur & Fashion’ contract with all new dyes, fort props, and pets.








A few new fort decorations found in the upcoming Fur & Fashion contract.

An instance reset feature is coming to Torchlight III. Players will now be able to reset any instance from any shared area (towns/forts) in order to restart all of the world’s instances. Now you can continue to farm in a particular area of the world without having to leave the entire game or wear out the instance reset timer.


The instance reset option is available via the map menu.

In addition to the new ‘Instance Reset’ feature, players will be able to entirely reset their Multiplayer or Singleplayer accounts in order to restart their game from scratch as an entirely fresh, new experience. 

We’ve also been hard at work to resolve many bugs (including that problematic, lingering Humble Quest log) and performance issues and believe we have made some great strides on both fronts.

We’ll have more details, including a full run-down of the Cursed Captain class in our next update, but until then, we hope this wets your appetite for the upcoming content patch.


Although we had a bit of a rocky launch, Torchlight III is now available (including hotfix) to Game Pass for PC subscribers!


“Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold, plus over 100 high-quality console and PC games. New games are added all the time, so there’s always something new to play. Enjoy exclusive member deals and discounts. Play together with friends on the most advanced multiplayer network and discover your next favorite game.”


Both the Xbox and Game Pass versions have been updated to the most current version. You can find Torchlight III on the Xbox store at:

That’s all of the updates I have for today! Until next time, remember that a slay a day keeps the Yapper away! See you on the frontier soon...

- Echtra Bean



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