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Notizie di Arc
Beast Exorcism Box


A new mystery box has appeared in the Heaven Repository! The Beast Exorcism Box is really a prize for your pets though – it’s chock full of Pet Skills, along with other prizes. Try opening one today and see what you get!

New item! Beast Exorcism Box

Prizes include: Thunder Order, Etherlaced Crystal, Scapemonkey, Stone of Peace, Psychic Wave LV1, Shadow Prison LV3, Comet Impact LV3, Starfall LV3, Psychic Wave LV2, Psychic Wave LV3.

Thinking of adopting new companion? The Baby Tiger Pet and the Pet Llama are on sale!

On sale: Baby Tiger Pet, Pet Llama

Does your pet need help leveling up? Incredible Candy, which reduces the amount of EXP required for a pet to level up by 20%, is now half off!

Half off this week: Incredible Candy

In addition, Smart Candy and Pink Lotus are also on sale! These items help increase your pet’s skill slots and help them to learn their natural skills, respectively.

On sale: Smart Candy, Pink Lotus

Finally, summer is sadly coming to an end, so the Summer Solstice lotto will be leaving the Heaven’s Repository at the end of this week (9/3/14). But don’t worry, something new will be taking its place! What could it be? Stay tuned...

1 week left! Summer Solstice

Prizes include: ★Stone of Peace, Ancient D.S. Pet Pendant, Red Banded Yarn, Silver Ingot, △Orb of the Sages, Cryst. Glyph·VI, Realm Force, Vitamin·III x50, Pirate Fashion Token

set 2nd, 2014

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