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Notizie di Arc
New Changes Coming To Arc!
11 giugno, 2014

Hello everyone!


We're here once again to deliver some exciting news regarding some really neat changes coming to Arc. The goal of these changes are to make Arc features more accessible and intuitive. We'll be doing this by adding features such as Code Redemption, Support, Settings, etc in a more user friendly area. When the update goes live, you will notice that all of these features can be accessed through an animated slide out menu from the Arc logo.

All you will need to do now, is simply hover over the animated Arc logo, and click to bring up the menu shortcuts. Once you have done that, everything else will work just as it has previously.

What The Arc Logo Will Reveal

Redeem Code - This will initiate the code redemption pop-up

Add Games - Allows you to add games by opening the System Browse to add in ANY .EXE

Support - Opens the Arc support page in your browser

Manage Account - Opens the My Account settings page within Arc

Settings - Opens the settings panel

Sign Out - Sign out of account and return you to the sign in window

Exit - Closes Arc completely, not just minimize to system tray


Code Redemption

Code redemption will work similar to how it did before. The only difference now is you will need to hover over the Arc logo illustrated in the image above, click, then select code redemption to reveal the code redemption messaging box, and input your code! Everything else will work just as it has before.


As always, we love getting feedback from our players, so send any questions, comments, or suggestions to

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- Sparkiesoft and The Arc Team

giu 11th, 2014

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