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Star Trek Online

Foundry Challenge Winners! New Spotlight Missions!

Par CaptainSmirk | ven. 30 janv. 2015 18:00:00 PST

Foundry Challenge Winners & New Spotlight Missions!


Congratulations to our winners of our latest Foundry Spotlight Challenge #10 – New Years Eve, 2409! Read this thread for full details on the rules and storyline direction of this special Holiday themed challenge.

We have tallied the votes, and we have changed things up this time, and will be awarding two winners a spot at 1st Place, one FED Mission, and one KDF Mission!

PLEASE NOTE: While the Foundry is currently down for standard post-launch maintenance, once if comes back online, these and many more incredible works of UGC authored Trektasticness will be available for you to play!


1st Place Winner from the Federation


The winner for our Federation Mission is @GreenDragoon who authored the amazing mission “Eve of Resolutions” which has one of the msot beautiful maps of San Francisco in the moonlight that I have ever seen. I've lived in SF or over a decade, and I never thought I would enjoy a trip into the sewers, but you amazed me with your set design!

2409 has been a long year for the Federation. With the Klingon War, invasion by the Borg, and now the threat from the Undine, Starfleet is stretched thin. With the recent, rediscovery of the Jenolan Syson Sphere, tentions have freyed between the quadrant's three major powers. In response, Admiral Tuvok has called for a conference to discuss the situation and the need for unity. This is New Year's Eve, 2409. You have been invited to a New Year's Eve gala at Starfleet Headquarters. But with the quadrant at a turning point, this is more than a social gathering.


1st Place Winner from the Klingon Defense Force


The winner for our Klingon Mission is @hippiejohn who authored the honorable mission “Chimes at Midnight” that had me fooled right from the get go! I thought I would be entertaining on Drozana for the party, but instead I am busting photonic heads in Facilty 4028. Good think I stocked up on Nerve Tonic before I headed into warp!

Following the events of "A Step Between The Stars", the Undine threat stands exposed. The Klingon High Council and Empire Ambassadors carefully negotiate with the other powers of the Alpha Quadrant to end current wars, and focus on the greater threat of the Undine. Soon, a conference is to be held in the Jenolan Sphere. Prospects of a cease fire, and perhaps an alliance seem likely. But not everyone supports this idea. And the Undine, are still hiding.

Congratz to both of you, and everyone who entered! A personal thank you from Smirk as you all really pulled off this challenge, even with the shortened timeline for production. Bravo Captains!


Make sure you also check out our runner ups!


@winin who authored the mission "Party Crashers" - a very fun trip into Cardassian territory, with a sprinkling of some of the most enjoyable Ferengi dialog this side of Ferenginar! You really made your characters come alive with their couple's drama. If you are looking for a refresher to the Rules of Acquisition, this mission is for you!

@marhawkman who authored the mission "Ocampan New Year" - a look into the Delta Quadrant on this very special turning of the calendar, as you return to the homeworld of the Ocampa to share rekindle relations with this far away species.

@emperormak who authored  thie mission "The End is Nigh" - a time of worry and doubt for some, and a flashback to long gone times of strife for the core species of the Federation. Along with a cameo of some very clever Binars!


Congratulations again to our winners! You both will be spotlight missions once the Foundry is reinitialized, so everyone can celebrate and try both great missions!

Big thanks go out to all of our other authors who entered into this challenge. Catch their missions as well and try out other UGC missions from previous challenges, and top rated missions that will be readily available throughout sector space once the Foundry system is back online! Just search for these titles and authors in the Foundry section of the Mission Hud, and try many others anytime you are looking for new content.

Why not grab the repeatable mission Investigate Officer Reports which is infinitely repeatable and grants Dilithium Ore, Skill Points and Expertise each time you play it!

Congratulations to everyone who entered. You really showed us what can be done by the UGC community with a tight deadline, and a holiday themed storyline. Great job!

Now who wants another Foudnry Challenge?!?

Community Manager
Star Trek Online

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