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Homestead #1

Par enelimm | lun. 21 mars 2016 10:00:00 PDT


Welcome Home

With PWI’s latest upcoming expansion, Elysium, we will be introducing an amazing new system; Homestead. Over the course of the next week we will be digging into this robust system to show you how to get the most out of your new Homestead. So let us take a moment to be the first to say, welcome home.


Homestead at a glance

Players at level 90 and above will be given the opportunity to create their very own home using the Homestead system. Each Homestead is instanced and fully customizable allowing you and your friends to come and go as you please.


Homestead Customization

Just about everything inside your Homestead is customizable! Do you want to live in a Mansion deep within the Forsaken Forest? Do you desire a lost world submerged deep under the ocean? Choose your Homestead theme and all these and more can be possible!

You can customize everything from the terrain surrounding your Homestead all the way down to the buildings and furniture on your land. You can choose from thousands of selectable items, making each Homestead truly unique.


All of these items and more can be found in your Homestead Editor which we will dig into with our next installment in this three part series!


Invite your Friends

Do you want to show your friends the fruits of your labor? Invite them over to your home! In your Homestead, you can set the permissions for whom you allow to come and check out your home! You can set your Homestead to allow only players on your friends list, your Faction members, or you can let anyone come in and check it out!

Unwanted guests? Got that nosey neighbor? Kick them out of your Homestead to keep the peace. You can also keep your Homestead safe with Decline Hostile Players from Entry. When activated players from enemy Factions will not be allowed to enter your Homestead and cause trouble. This is your home, your rules.


We hope that you enjoyed this preview of the new Homestead system that will be available when we open the gates to Elysium! Tune in next time when we take a look at some of the resources that your Homestead provides!


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