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Dragon's Mirthful Fire Pack Sale

Par DreamDefender
mar. 17 juin 2014 21:00:00 PDT

Glorious Mirth, free mmorpg

Feel the happiness and joy with the return of the Glorious Mirth pack along with Dragon's Fire Pack, Hyper EXP stones, and Socket Stone Packs. Obtain the ultimate Venomancer pets with Harpy Plumes and Soulroot Stones on sale too! 



Sale Start Date: Wednesday, June 18th
, 2014 @ 1:00 AM Server Time

Sale End Date: Wednesday, July 2nd
, 2014 
@ 1:00 AM Server Time


Full Sales List:

Glorious Mirth

(50% off)
Dragon's Fire Pack
Hyper EXP
Socket Stone Pack

(20% off)
Harpy Plume
Soulroot Stone



 Dragon’s Fire Packs
What do you do when you finally obtain that piece of gear that you've been pining for? Why, you upgrade it of course! And we've got you covered with this week's sale!

1-Star Dragon Orbs, when used along with Mirage Celestones, will guarantee a successful refine from 0 to +1, and they can also be combined with each other to create even more powerful Dragon Orbs!

Each higher level Dragon Orb will guarantee one increase in refinement, up to that level. So that shiny 5-Star Dragon Orb will take your new dagger from +4 to +5, no problem!

Each Dragon's Fire Pack opened will have the chance of containing one of the following:

  • Two (2!!) 1-Star Dragon Orbs
  • One 2-Star Dragon Orb
  • One 3-Star Dragon Orb
  • One 4-Star Dragon Orb
  • One 5-Star Dragon Orb
  • One Dragon Orb Flame (+12)!!


 Glorious Mirth

This pack returns for a limited time and contains the chance for one of the rarest and most valuable items in the game, a Medal of Glory. Of course, it also holds a large amount of items in addition to the Medal of Glory, so you'll always end up a winner. Here are a list of the potential flyers you can receive from opening it:      


Blizzard, flyer






free mmorpg, firestorm

Ancient Gazer

Ancient Glazer2

Drifting Martyr

 Drifting Martyr2

Fallen Roc

Fallen Roc2

Silk Perfume

Silk Perfume2


Full List of Possible Prizes


 Perfect·Token of Luck - 15   Perfect·Token of Best Luck
 Platinum Guardian Charm  Platinum Spirit Charm 
 Diamond of Tiger  Diamond of Dragon
 ☆Wings of Cloudcharger  Scroll of Tome 
 Rapture Chest   Uncanny Chest
 Championship Scroll  Cube of Fate Stamp
 Stone of the Savant  Primeval Stone
 Frost Feather  Masquerade Hat 
 Masquerade Mask   Graceful Antelope 
 X'mas Carnival Ticket  Sapphire Fashion Memento
 Swift Talisman   Cloud Rider Badge
 Drakeflame Stone  Stone of Gaea
 Icebourne Stone  Medal of Glory
 ☆☆Matchless Wings  ☆☆Sky Cover
 ☆☆Cloud Stir  Lunar Glade Insignia·Ornament
 Lunar Glade Insignia·Weapon   Script of Fate 



 Harpy Plumes &   Soulroot Stones
Much like the Phoenix Feathers and Sources of Force, these miraculous little Harpy Plumes and Soulroot Stones can be gathered to exchange for the legendary Venomancer pets, the Harpy or the Monkey King!

See Mrs. Zoologist to exchange 9,999 of these to receive your Venomancer battle pet!


  Socket Stone Pack 
Socket Stones can be the difference between a good piece of gear and a great piece of gear. Having socketed gear gives you the opportunity to add various gems to it which give you benefits such as additional physical attack power, magical attack power, hp, mp, and a variety of other stat boosts. Stack enough of the same gem, and your gear will show fantastic graphical effects as well!  

WIthin our Socket Stone Packs, not only will you find 75 Socket Stones, but you will also find a Gem Pack, which contains a gem of random quality. This should make it exceptionally easy to get started with upgrading your gear to its maximum potential!


  Hyper EXP Stone
These items are the basis for the Hyper EXP system. By pressing the red stone button located at the top left of the screen, you’ll reveal the Hyper EXP window. Once clicked, you can select five different periods of bonus EXP gain with corresponding costs in Hyper EXP Stones. For this limited period, you can gain as much as 12 times the normal amount of Exp from killing monsters, but beware the ensuing Exhaustion period where your Exp gains will be greatly reduced. Great Exp comes to those who manage their time carefully. 



The Glorious Mirth pack will be on sale and in the boutique until Wednesday July 2nd @ 1:00 AM PDT. After that it will be removed from the boutique. 




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