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First Look: Fountain of Fate

Par Fero | mer. 03 août 2022 09:00:00 PDT

Barbarian & Venomancer Visual Update

Two of the early PWI classes have received a full visual makeover along with Hero Saga story quests! Both now have an HD mode during character creation and many of their skills have been revamped!


Western Continent Story Continues & Cultivation Boundary Update

Two elven queens have disappeared and a strange green light suddenly shines from the western bank. Work to solve these mysteries, prove yourself and pass the trainings required to reach Obscure Realm - Rising Sky. Vitae gains from Sacred Spirits is increased. Players can also craft Vitae items and get better Remedy items.


Isle of the Celestial Warriors

A brand new artifact instance that includes challenging puzzles, dangerous traps and numerous difficult bosses with devious attacks. You will need to plan accordingly, both as a team and separately up to be successful. 


Skill Adjustments for All Classes

In addition to the Barbarian & Venomancer skill revamps, each and every one of the classes have received skill balancing! There are numerous changes that aim to solve issues and optimize each class, creating a better overall experience for everyone.



These features and more are almost here!  You can check it all out after next week’s maintenance!



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