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February In-Game Events

Par Lugia
ven. 09 févr. 2018 00:00:00 PST

In the month of love and renewal, take a look at the in-game events we have going on this month!


Valentine’s Day Event


Starts: 02/14/2018

Ends: 02/15/2018


A system message will go out when the event is active:


With a Female leader and a Male in the squad, take the quest from the Eldest Matchmaker. When you both acquire the Inamorato Tablet, you will be both teleported to South City Archosaur.

When the Female player takes and completes the quest both players will receive 5  Love Like Honey(Valentine’s Ver.) and 1  War Avatar Pack S. Female players will also receive a lantern that they can light in the hallway nearby.




Spring Festival


Starts: 02/16/2018

Ends: 03/16/2018



Receive the quest for the blessing from the Blessing Envoy under the tree. The blessing token can be exchanged for a Mysterious Key or EXP/Spirit.

If you pick the Mysterious Key item, from 21:00 to 24:00 every night, chests will spawn under the tree. You can use the Key to get Event Gold.



Archosaur’s Trouble Event


Starts: 02/16/2018

Ends: 03/16/2018


Chicken Nugget has arrived in Perfect World! During random intervals throughout the day, Chicken Nugget will appear at one of 10 random places inside Archosaur’s walls.


When Chicken Nugget’s HP falls to 50%, players nearby the boss will gain 2  Fortune Pills.


Note: You must be lv 80 and Transcendent to receive the Fortune Pills.


Fortune Pills can be turned in for various rewards at the Spring Festival Herald (528,680)



Scholarly Challenge


Starts: 02/07/2018

Ends: 02/13/2018


Take a break from slaying enemies and see how far your wisdom will get you! Once the Scholarly Challenge is about to start, make sure to talk to Scholarly Challenge Officer in Archosaur (546, 668), to enter the great quiz hall.



 Dawnglory – 9:30 AM PT

Tideswell – 3:30 PM PT

Etherblade – 5:30 PM PT

Twilight Temple – 5:45 PM PT

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