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PWI : Neverfall – Glyphs

Par enelimm
ven. 31 mars 2017 10:00:00 PDT


PWI : Neverfall – Glyphs

Change up your playstyles with the Glyph system!


When you open your Skill’s Menu, a second tab will now be accessible to you!



As you progress through your new cultivation additional slots will be available to unlock and you will be able to Glyph more skills! Only Sanctified Skills can be Glyph’d so make sure to pick up your skillbooks for these skills from Royal Knight Hector (349,593). Trade your Squire and Knight Badges you acquire from doing the main questline as well as dailies to him for your books.



The first slot can be unlocked as soon as Level 1. New Characters can obtain the first Glyph unlock inside Celestial Vale from the Glyph Master of Mercy.

When you arrive in Neverfall, seek the Glyph Master NPCs in front of the City Hall to further unlock each slot with a Glyph Stone. Each Stone will be labeled to correspond to the slot that it unlocks – all unlocks must go in order.



There are five types of Glyphs – Sanguine, Ethereal, Verdant, Golden and Argent. Each Glyph type gives new attributes to your skills as well as a stat increase.



Depending on how you Glyph, you will also activate a special property called Glyph Bonus. This will give you one of three bonuses – Martial Prowess, Dragon’s Might and Tiger’s Rage. This bonus will not be activated until you have all six slots open and Glyph’d! The Glyph Bonus’s work like Rock-Paper-Scissors – Tiger beats Martial, Martial beats Dragon and Dragon beats Tiger. Each Skill will have a Property it is associated with (Martial, Dragon or Tiger) so the most dominate of the skills you have Glyph’d will determine your Glyph Bonus!



For example - to have Tiger’s Rage Activated for the Glyph Bonus, there needs to be a minimum of three skills that have the Property of Tiger’s Rage on them! In this case, Tiger’s Rage is activated from Swirling Mist, Nature’s Vengeance and Absorb Soul having Glyphs. A “balanced” Glph and Skill set will yield no Bonus. If you do not have a Glyph Bonus activated, you will take additional damage from someone who does.

Your current activated Glyph Bonus will also appear next to your HP and MP bars.



You are able to swap freely between Glyphs so you can switch up your gameplay style on the fly!

If you want to check what a particular Glyph type will do to your skill before you slot one in, you can hover over the little Glyph icons next to each skill (Glyph Effect : ) to find out more! “Sparkling” Glyph icons indicate what Glyph is currently active.



You can also hover over skills on your hotbar to see what a particular activated Glyph is giving you. A colored triangle in the upper left hand corner of skills placed on your hotbar can give you a quick visual hint as well.


Where to Obtain Glyphs


You can obtain Glyphs from Royal Knight Hector when you trade in badges from doing dailies or from the main questline in Neverfall. You can also obtain Glyphs from doing Dawnlight Hall. To obtain higher levels Glyphs, you will need to combine Glyphs of like type. To combine Glyphs, click Glyph Growth.



Similar to the Refinement system, the more glyphs you combine the better your chances are. But as you go up in Glyph level, the more likely your chances of upgrade could fail. If you fail however, you will only lose one level of your Glyph.

Glyphs are adding a whole new level of gameplay which you’ll need to know about when you take on the Arigora Colosseum. Next time, we’ll be taking a look at the all new PvP feature coming to PWI!



PWI : Neverfall is coming in April 2017! Will you be ready? Follow us on Facebook for more updates and check out our Official Forums to discuss these and all things PWI!




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