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Patch Notes: NW.60.2016.0410a.4

Par Alex | mer. 27 avril 2016 19:00:00 PDT

Patch Notes: NW.60.20160410a.4


Skill Nodes Update
Refinement items are being removed from Skill Nodes, and Insignias can drop more often as a result.  Bound, uncommon Insignias will also now drop from most enemies in-game.  For more information, see the news post, Upcoming Changes to Skill Nodes.


  • A Double Refinement weekend is now scheduled to start at the end of maintenance, and end on Monday, May 2, at 10:00 AM PDT (UTC -7).
  • A Double Seals weekend on May 19 has been swapped with the Double Guild Marks weekend on May 26.


Release Notes

Content and Environment
Elemental Evil Campaign

  • If players had managed to complete quests later in an Elemental Evil zone without completing the earlier quests, the Campaign now properly catches up.



  • Items can once again properly be purchased when they require Stronghold structures of a certain rank.  (Was hotfixed 2016-04-21)
  • The Jubilee Trader has been disabled.  Any remaining resources on this trader will no longer be claimable.
  • The North Terrace Vendor is still active, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.  The Waterdhavian Trader now properly allows Salvage actions nearby.



  • Crypts of Kelemvor: Enemies no longer unexpectedly teleport or disappear in this instance.
  • Dancing on the Ceiling: A typo has been fixed in this achievement's description.
  • Fiery Pit: A terrain transition in the northeast corner has been smoothed out.
  • Mantol-Derith: Players no longer stand a chance of spawning under the docks when leaving certain quests.
  • Pirate King's Retreat: A ghostly door in this dungeon has been made corporeal again.
  • Pirate King's Retreat: The achievement is once again properly granted when completing the dungeon.
  • Reclamation Rock: Some ghostly doors in this zone have been made corporeal.
  • Scoundrel's Retreat: Captain Kayliss can no longer be knocked off ledges in the boss arena.
  • Stronghold Siege Tutorial: Players can now consistently turn in Dragon Hoard Gold.


Items and Economy

  • The Antiquities Scholar now removes Enchantments and Jewels from any Lostmauth gear exchanged, free of charge.  These Enchantments and Jewels are returned to the player's inventory.


Skill Node Update

  • Bound Uncommon (Green) Insignias now have a slight chance of dropping from most enemies in the world.
  • Most enemies in the world now have an increased chance to drop an Enchantment or Runestone. However, the relative chances of dropping one or the other have been changed, with a lower chance of dropping Runestones, and an increased chance of dropping Enchantments.
  • Skill Nodes no longer drop any Refinement items. Instead, they now have an increased chance to drop Insignias.


User Interface

  • While a queue group is waiting to be matched with other players, individual players cannot leave the queue group.

Performance and Stability

  • A client crash has been addressed in the visual effects / particle system.
  • Server-side stability for the queue system has been improved.
  • Stability for certain cases in the User Interface has been improved.


  • Much of the localized voice-over audio for the refreshed Elemental Evil content has been updated.


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