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Patch Notes: Version: NW.125.20210219a.4

Par Julia (nitocris83) | lun. 01 mars 2021 22:37:54 PST

Known Issues

  • Vault of Stars will still properly open Tuesday, March 2nd, but is currently only available as part of the public queue. Private Queuing will open with a later patch.



Release Notes


Content and Environment


  • Blackdagger Ruins: Shipwreck objects no longer appear to expand as the player gets farther away.
  • Chasm: Encounters in the Twisted Fane have been thinned out.
  • Redeemed Citadel: It is once again possible to earn progress for Redeemed Citadel milestones when in possession of the corresponding blessing.
  • Various floating objects and offset collision have been addressed in various maps.


  • Boss bars for General Oggrok and the Corrupted Dryad now display at a shorter distance.
  • Festering Synod achievements now properly gain progress in the Sharandar intro quest.
  • NPCs in the Heroic Encounters “Shadow Army” and “The Cull” now properly leash.
  • Players who abandon the weekly quests in New Sharandar, 'Point of Contention' or 'Unfinished Business,' can now re-obtain the quest again if they so choose.
  • Point of Contention: An NPC can no longer become stuck behind the exit portal and become untargetable.



Combat and Powers


  • Banner artifacts now properly match each other in effective power.
  • Bloodcrystal Raven Skull: The duration of the shield is now 7 seconds, reduced from 14 seconds.
  • Bloodcrystal Raven Skull: The bonus from missing health has been reduced across all tiers, and the bonus scaling per tier has also been reduced.
  • Tiamat’s Orb of Majesty: The damage reduction debuff from this artifact’s power has bene reduced to 15%, down to 30%, to bring it in line with other artifact powers.

Classes and Balance

  • Fighter: Retaliate: This power no longer incorrectly deals damage twice.
    • To help offset the reduction in damage caused by this fix, the magnitude has been increased to 500, up from 300.
  • Warlock: Infernal Spheres now properly shows a cooldown when placed in the power tray.


  • Baby Owlbear’s Presence once again properly deals damage.
  • Mercenary’s Discipline now properly grants Combined Ratings.
  • Multiples of the same companion-applied debuff no longer stack with each other.
  • Ox’s Instincts can no longer stun the player.
  • Sergeant Knox's Wisdom now properly grants the player Combined Ratings.

Enchantments and Enhancements

  • Shadowclad Enchantment: Defense stacks are now properly removed alongside Deflect stacks when deflecting attacks.

Item Powers

  • The damage dealt by the Mirage weapon set has been significantly reduced. This will be increased again in a later patch, though damage dealt by Rogue bleeds will still be reduced.




Enemies and Encounters


  • Cyclopes (apparently the plural for “cyclops”) now properly play a death animation.
  • Redcap Giantsoul: Tremor Punch no longer applies a slow effect.
  • Redcap Thorn: Drowsing Puncture no longer has a knock effect, and should no longer shake the camera for players outside its area of effect.
  • Soul Golem: Discharge Fist now deals less damage.
  • Toad
    • Bile Spit: This power is no longer used by the Toad, in order to better solidify the creature’s melee role.
    • Bite: The range of this power has been extended to match other melee powers.
    • Lunging Bite no longer has a knock effect, but also no longer shows a warning effect.
    • Tongue Pull: This power can now be used at a minimum distance of 25 feet away, down from 30.

Castle Never

  • Rotting Undead Adventurers have had the damage they deal reduced by 67%.

Infernal Citadel

  • Morzach: Spine Toss now deals 33% less damage.
  • Zaphael: Fireburst now deals 25% less damage.
  • Hellfire Engine: Overcooked now deals a reasonable amount of damage.

Lair of the Mad Mage

  • The visual effects in Arcturia’s encounter should no longer cause significant performance decreases.

Valindra’s Tower

  • Shatterspine’s health has been reduced.
  • Valindra’s health has been increased.



Items and Economy


  • Eldritch Runestones are no longer incorrectly given out during Double Refining Stones events.
  • Magnificent Resurgence Lockbox: This lockbox now has a Trade Bar reward section instead of a Refinement reward section.
  • More mentions of Armor Penetration have been removed from the game.
  • Stronghold Healing Potion now properly heals for 20% of max health, instead of 20% of current health.
  • Potion of Minor Healing +1 no longer states it gives 90% max health up to 1200.
  • Various typos have been addressed.


  • Darkened Storyteller’s Journal now properly says it gives Critical Severity instead of Armor Penetration.
  • Sigil of the Cleric now properly has Combined Rating at Mythic rank.

Enchantments and Enhancements

  • Butterfly Bilethorn Weapon Enhancement: Item Level and Damage has been corrected to match the original Bilethorn.


  • Boots of the Herald: The bonus power on these boots now properly gives total percentages instead of ratings.
  • Forest Guardian's Raid Coif now grants Accuracy instead of Control Bonus.
  • Forest Guardian's Raid Cap is now called The Forest Guardian's Raid Crown.
  • Mulhorand items now properly grant combined rating.
  • The Combined Rating value granted by new rings has been increased.

Legacy Content

  • Storm King's Thunder: Relic Armor can now be purchased from the Campaign Store.


  • Seals of the Wild are now available from the VIP seal vendor.

Reward Claims Agent

  • Future claims of the “Looking for Love” title from the Reward Claims Agent will bind the item to account instead of character.
  • Players who purchased the Epic Starter Pack can once again properly claim the Gelatinous Cube from the RCA.

Zen Market

  • Expedition Pack of Fairy Finds: Players who purchased this pack can now claim the Eladrin from the Zen Store on any character on the account.
  • Players who purchased Soradiel can now reclaim this companion in the Zen Market.



User Interface


  • Several minor tooltip improvements have been made.

Character Sheet

  • The tooltips for the new stats, introduced by the Combat Rework, are now as wide as other similar tooltips.


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