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Tales of Old: The Grand Retelling

Par Julia (nitocris83) | mar. 05 nov. 2019 07:00:00 PST

Your tale is not yet over! Nipsy will be back for one final round of storytelling in Tales of Old: The Grand Retelling!

The Grand Retelling begins Friday, November 8 at 10am PDT

The Grand Retelling ends Thursday, November 21 at 10am PDT

During this 2-week event you will be able to tell stories from any of the previous dungeons, giving you a chance to acquire riches you may have missed previously. In addition, during this event players will be able to get up to 4 Fabled Chapters (either earned or purchased).

Players can also earn an achievement for completing each dungeon at the highest challenge. These achievements will award the following titles:

  • Frozen Heart: “The Frosty”
  • Throne of Idris: “King of the Castle”
  • Dread Vault: “Deep Thinker”
  • Lair of the Mad Dragon: “Chartillifax Checker”

Completing all dungeons at highest difficulty will award the title “Grand Storyteller”

How will you finish your story?

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