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Developer Blog: Creatures of Undermountain

Par Julia (nitocris83) | ven. 08 mars 2019 07:00:00 PST

Greetings and salutations dungeon explorers and adventurers of Neverwinter! Today I want to tell you about a few of the creepy crawlies and vicious creatures that reside within the depths of Undermountain.



While he may look cute and cuddly from afar this creature is not a squeak toy. Some might say the reason he is so temperamental is because he has all those teeth and no toothbrush. This vicious creature has many moves in its arsenal like a poisonous bite and a face planting stomp, but those attacks are tame in comparison to its spinning tail attack or its tail smash. None of these are as dangerous, though, as its signature power - some might say it is the bedrock of all its powers - Petrifying Gaze. If you see him rear up on his hind legs make sure you look away or you could be stopped in your tracks!



While adventuring through the caverns of Undermountain you may find yourself amidst a clump of old spider webs or perhaps a group of deadly spiders. Make sure you are extra cautious because there may be another creature waiting around the corner. If you hear the sound of spinning webs the next thing you may feel is a tugging at your throat as a menacing Ettercap pulls you close and lashes out! 

That’s right! The humpbacked terror of the depths has joined the ranks of Neverwinter’s creature list. Whether throwing a sticky web at your feet or knocking you across the floor with a backhand, this creature could very easily make a seemingly normal situation rather chaotic.


Shambling Mound

Slow and lumbering, this mass of vegetation may seem like a harmless entity but that is far from the truth. This creature is one with its organic surroundings and as such makes it a formidable foe. Whether it is summoning large thorns from the earth beneath you, surrounding you in a mass of vines, or stretching its arms out to hit you from afar, this mighty mound will quickly allay you of any hope that defeating it will be easy. And if you’re thinking you can sneak behind it and keep it from hitting you, well let’s just say you might want to be careful.


Purple Worm

Being underground means there are some very interesting creatures that you can encounter. While some of the previously mentioned ones may give the average adventurer cause to pause, the rumbling sound of a certain burrowing beast and the appearance of a moving clump of earth portend trouble that would make even Valindra have second thoughts about engaging.

The powerful purple worm moves through the earth with ease as it breaches the surface near its prey, spins its body around to knock them away, or inhales them and chews them up like a piece of bubblegum. Of all the creatures in the Undermountain, none is more at home then this giant beast.


That about covers it for this blog. While this list highlights some of the more powerful creatures coming with Undermountain, there are many more left to discover! So polish your armor, sharpen your blades, and dust off your spellbooks - the creatures of Undermountain are knocking at the door!

Salim “Silius” Grant

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