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Dev Blog: Masterwork Professions in Lost City of Omu

Par Julia (nitocris83) | mer. 24 janv. 2018 11:56:34 PST

Greetings adventurers, Asterdahl here to talk to you about the update to masterwork professions coming in the Lost City of Omu. This release will see the continuation of the masterwork storyline that began with Strongholds, as well as two new recipe books, and of course, new recipes themselves.

Once you’ve finished the second masterwork quest from the original Strongholds release on at least one profession, and your guild has reached guild hall rank 14, a new quest will become available from The Master of Coin. This time around your quest to save The Artisan from The Master of Coin’s blackmail will take you far from the Stronghold, to Port Nyanzaru.

While the main story following the mystery of the death curse plays out through the campaign and quests in the Lost City, new masterwork quests will give adventurers the opportunity to experience a bit more of everyday life behind the walls of Port Nyanzaru. Short stories of unrequited love, tradition in a changing city, and dinosaur taxidermy await.

When everything’s said and done and you’ve gotten your hands on the new recipe books, the recipes will be well worth it. Comparable with some of the best equipment out there, new recipes will offer weapons, equipment and potions stronger than anything currently available from professions. This time around, crafted equipment will also include perks, bonus effects like those found on epic equipment earned in dungeons or purchased with seals.

As always, new masterwork recipes don’t just offer difficult new recipes to learn, but also a slew of new resources to gather. Two new explorer’s charts will be available for purchase. Those daring enough to delve the Tomb of the Nine Gods will also be able to earn newly added rare materials that will be integral to a number of new recipes.

With a number of new opportunities to profit, and a number of new items to try out, we hope you’re looking forward to the coming update! Look for the update to masterwork professions when Lost City of Omu goes live on February 27... See you in Chult, adventurers!

Doug "Asterdahl" Miller
Systems Designer


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