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Developer Blog: Stronger Enemies, Stronger Equipment

Par Julia (nitocris83)
mer. 14 juin 2017 09:00:00 PDT

Greetings adventurers, Asterdahl here to talk to you about the upcoming changes and additions to enemies and equipment in Module 12: Tomb of Annihilation.

Fans of D&D and those of you who have been following our announcements may recognize the land of Chult—the setting of the Tomb of Annihilation—as a land of great danger, teeming with massive beasts and vicious foes. 

It’s been some time since the difficulty of enemies outside high level dungeons has increased, even in dungeons increases have been limited. The enemies you encounter in the unexplored lands of Chult will be stronger than anything you’ve faced previously. The long and short is that enemies in Chult will be more dangerous, tougher to defeat, and you’ll be looking for new sources of armor penetration and defense to combat this.

For the detail oriented, all enemies in Module 12 will feature increased hit points, defense, attack power, and armor penetration. For enemies and bosses in dungeons these enhancements will be on top of existing enhancements. Some of the new enemies in Chult will also feature exciting and unique behavior that will add to the danger, but more on that in a future entry.

Of course, new challenges to conquer means new and exciting equipment to seek out. There’s never been a better time in Neverwinter than Tomb of Annihilation for new and returning players to jump into the action. Step into Port Nyanzaru’s vibrant bazaar, among the many treasures you’ll find a set of item level 420 equipment available for purchase directly with astral diamonds.

New non-masterwork profession recipes will be available for item level 420 and 430 equipment and a new set of item level 460 equipment will be available in the zen market and trade bar store. If you don’t have great gear already, there will be many options to get you up to speed and ready to adventure in Chult.

There will also be plenty of new high end gear to earn. That includes unique item level 480 drop from hunt marks you can track down and face off against in the wilds, as well as an item level 480 set that drops directly from the upcoming epic dungeon. Finally, Module 12 will see the introduction of a new seal—the seal of the brave—appearing in the upcoming epic dungeon. Seals of the brave will have a weekly earnings limit and be exchangeable for a set of item level 500 equipment. Full details on upcoming equipment will be released in a future blog.

We’re also making quality of life adjustments to current seals. It’s been almost a year since the introduction of relic armor; starting in Module 12 unrestored relic armor and restoration reagents will be available for purchase with seals of the protector. This will replace the now outdated elven armor. Relic weapon reagents will not be available in the store, and of course reagents that are available in the store can still be obtained via their original methods.

In addition to these changes, seals of the elements and outdated alliance equipment will be phased out. All previous sources of seals of the elements will now reward seals of the protector and all shards and miscellaneous items once purchasable with seals of the elements will now be purchasable with seals of the protector. Starting in Module 12, any seals of the elements can be exchanged 3:1 for seals of the protector at the seal trader. In a future module, seals of the elements will be removed completely.

With the upcoming changes and additions we hope you are all as excited as we are to explore the lost frontiers of Chult and challenge new and deadly enemies!

Douglas "Asterdahl" Miller
Systems Designer


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