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Patch Notes: Version: NW.1337.20170401ϕ.42

Par Julia (nitocris83) | sam. 01 avril 2017 08:00:00 PDT


More mount surfing!

Originally introduced with the Crab mount, and by popular demand, heroes can now appear to surf on all mounts. Ride the imaginary waves atop a Giant Spider, hang ten from a Gelatinous Cube, or boogie down with a Hell Hound. The possibilities are practically limitless*!

*Possibilities are limited to the number of mounts in the game


New Developer Class!

Now every hero can Play with the Devs! This new class will offer players an immersive Development experience while adventuring through Neverwinter. Make interesting decisions as you play, justify them to your party members, and use a new visibility-based threat building mechanic! Powerful defensive abilities, such as Blinders, allow the Developer to ignore incoming damage for a time as well. See the notes below for more details!


Release Notes


Known Issues

  • Classes too balanced – We are aware that the lack of balance concerns are causing a slow-down in community feedback and are working on nerfs to alleviate this issue.


Content and Environment

Protector’s Enclave

  • Event dais – storage units have been added for all NPC Event hosts to store their wares and promotional material.




Combat & Powers

  • Juggling - Handle 3+ tasks simultaneously with ease.
  • Working as Intended - Master of Arcane lore and historical reasoning for past decisions.
  • Pest Control - When fighting vermin type beasts, Developers have increased Critical Strike and damage.  However, if the Developer does not kill the vermin type beast with a Critical, there is a chance a new one will spawn in its place.
  • Burning the Midnight Oil - When fighting at night, stamina regens slower, but you have higher Critical Strike.
  • What Is Thy Bidding, My Master? - If Developers are not group leaders, they can only target their leader’s target.
  • Patchmaker - Developers have the Prestige class Patchmaker, which focuses on mending the Weave, so that all magic in this world works as it should.
  • All Eyes On You - The more damage and destruction done, the more taunt Developers get.
  • Paranoia - Every power used has an increased chance of drawing the attention of everyone around, forcing others to target the Developer. 
  • Blinders: For 6 seconds, all damage received is ignored. At the end of this effect, if the Developer has ignored more than their maximum HP in damage, they receive the debuff Resonating Feedback, which deals the extra damage to all party members over 12 seconds.
  • Scrounge – Consumes whatever food can be found in the kitchen
  • New PvP Mode
    • Player Feedback - It’s Devs vs. Players in this new PvP mode.  The fight takes place all over Protector’s Enclave with one side made up entirely of the all new Developer class and the other side all other classes. The Developer team has less people on its side, but is immune to damage unless struck with weapons scattered about the map.  The Non-Developer Team must race around Protector’s Enclave seeking out these magical greatclubs, which are stuck upright in the ground in various locations.  These weapons are known as Forum Posts.



  • New Weapon Type: Nerf Bat - Doesn’t directly deal damage, but causes enemies to grouse for 1d10 days and become too depressed to fight. 
  • Headpiece of Silence - Used to Silence those around the Developer, this headpiece has the ability to prevent distractions, interruptions, and gives off a calm, soothing sound of music.
  • Leaf of Light Blocking - For those more sensitive to the harsh lights that shine from above, this simple but sturdy leaf can be used to block all light completely, giving off a solid black shadow. 
  • Decanter of Endless Coffee (Non-optional: Attempts to remove this gear will result in game shutdown) - Creating an endless stream of pure black coffee, this decanter is considered a prized possession of those that work in the shadows.


Additional Class Notes

  • Developers require a curated environment with displays of art/miniatures/fandom memorabilia to improve performance.
  • Appearance: The Dev Class can vary in appearance but share elements of tshirts with logos and unusual color hair. For the stylish, Fashion by Foss can be unlocked at level 42.
  • Dog companion: Non-combat, the dog companion sleeps under the Developer’s main adventuring surface and attracts other Developers.


Enemies and Allies


  • Mimics can now be disguised as dwarf NPCs.
  • Dwarves can now be disguised as mimics.
  • Spiders and Undead enemy encounters were missing from several zones. That has now been addressed.



  • Minsc is accepting enrollment for dancing lessons. He can still be found in front of the Tree of Elemental Balance in Protector’s Enclave.
    • Boo also provides lessons, but may only be approached at the Burrow Dawn Inn during Day of the Dungeon Master.


Items and Economy

Professions: Artificing

  • A typo has been fixed in the name of the "Artificing" profession - it is now properly "Artificting."
    • Dev note: Due to the above typo, the Artificing profession tasks were incorrectly designed to support the idea of players creating magical items and weapons.  To preserve the player experience, these tasks will remain in the game, but a new subset of tasks have been added.


Professions: Artificting

  • New tasks have been added to this profession.  The example below should give an accurate idea of the new direction of this profession.
  • Create Artifiction
    • Assets (not consumed): Any Artifact Weapon dropped by a named boss or lore character.
    • Resources (consumed): Inspiration - Gained via observing heroic deeds along the Sword Coast and listening to Bard NPCs.
    • Rewards: An "Artifiction" item, which can be slotted into the Item Tray.  On use, it provides a "Moralized" buff or "Demoralized" debuff to all nearby allies and enemies, with values based on the Quality of the Artifiction.
    • Variants: Lesser, Greater, Major, Slash
    • Players will consistently be Moralized or Demoralized by the same variants.  A quest will be added in a future patch to change the affinity to each Variant.


User Interface

UI Scaling

  • To promote more fun and interactivity with the User Interface, all UI elements now shrink at a very slow, but steady pace.
    • The player must press the "+" key (or all four shoulder buttons at once on Xbox One or PS4™) to bump up the size of the UI one notch at a time - but be careful not to press it too quickly, since there's no button to decrease the UI scale!



  • All in-game fonts have been replaced with Comic Sans, aside from headers, which will be rendered in Papyrus.
    • There are rumors of the Wingdings font being used somewhere, but they have not yet been confirmed.



  • Arcane Whirlwind: A "Wipeout" debuff can now occur when surfing on this mount.



  • Mimic cufflinks can be found at Fashion by Foss, a new outlet in Protector's Enclave.
  • The "Exploitable" tag has been removed from several more items.
  • This patch note is totally not a mimic disguised as text.


Visit this page for more info!

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