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Forsaken World

Forsaken World: Voyage Patch Notes

Par clearmind | mer. 17 oct. 2018 09:00:00 PDT



Forsaken World: Voyage

Patch Notes



New Map

New overworld area added: Ocean of Hope - West

Players can go to the Navy Headquarters in Ocean of Hope - West via a Trackstone. There will be new scenery, new adventures, and new quests for you!


New Main Quest

LV101 players will automatically receive the quest: Navy Propaganda Officer.  In this new quest line, they will fight alongside the navy against the Storm Legion!


New Gameplay

Naval battle gameplay added!  Players can sail on the open sea and acquire all kinds of components for their warship!  You can also invite your friends to sail with you!


New World Boss

New maritime boss monsters have appeared!  Every Thursday and Saturday during 18:30-23:30, the world boss Sea Dragon Dysil can be found in the Ocean of Hope.  You can receive a quest to slay the sea dragon from the Navigator on any island - slay the sea dragon to get a reward!


New Side Quests

  • At the Navy Headquarters, there is a Naga Egg. You can help it grow, and in return it will give you rewards.
  • The Navy Headquarters has received reports that a mysterious fleet has been spotted at sea. You need to watch out for them, and be extremely careful if you ever encounter them! 


New NPC Exchanges and Items

  • New tradable items have been added to Dar Giugo, Otis Horkennan, and Ferrie.
  • Dar Giugo now has an assistant, Ur Gianne, who will be in charge of some of the magic box services.
  • Conqueror's Tag: 
  • From 18:24 to 24:00 every night, when completing any Master instance at any difficulty, each team member will gain a Conqueror's Tag. This item is not bound, and can be traded.
  • NPC Davis is new in the Hall of Glory in Nightfall Citadel, who gives the "Conqueror" series quests. Players can trade the Conqueror's Tag for Amethyst Soul Crystal, Intense Soul Bubbles, Dark Gold Scroll, Sigil - Level 2, Soul Coins, and titles (title bonuses ranging from Crit Damage, All Mastery, and Healing Effect).
  • New purple Horseshoes added to the Black Market: Snowstep and Sudden Thunder. 



Merchant:  Added new convoy route gameplay. Players can transport goods between the islands and sell them to make profit, as well as develop a business relationship with the authorities. Complete the trade routes to get New Route Credits, which can be used to trade for materials needed in crafting ship components.


Adventurer:  Added ocean adventure gameplay. Players can visit Adventurer Skill Tutor El Nino or play other activities to gain Rolled-up Parchment, and follow the instructions on the parchment to find the treasure.


Artisan:  Added the learning of the skills to craft Ship Power components.


Weaponsmith:  Added the learning of the skills to craft Ship Armament components.


Armorsmith:  Added the learning of the skills to craft Ship Armor components.


Jewelcrafter:  Added the learning of the skills to craft Ship Controls components.


Botanist:  Fragrance's duration is increased from 10 minutes to 60 minutes, but will be lost upon entering combat or switching Realm.


Chef:  Added the recipes to prepare sailing food at the Cooking Tutor in Nightfall Citadel.


New Instances

Twilight Hacienda

  • The new event instance "Twilight Hacienda" will be available after the update, replacing the old instance "Castle of Ghostfang". The instance will be open from 12:00 to 32:00 every Wednesday. Each player can enter once per week.
  • Increased the Soul Power and Rune rewards of new instances on top of the existing instances; the rewards will also be increased based on the number of objectives completed; there will even be achievement and special title rewards. 
  • Removed the fast team-up entrance for Ghostfang Castle, as well as the completion reward, loot, and Activeness rewards. The entrance NPC will be kept for a while. 
  • The objective of the Mana Rider quest taken on Wednesday, “Complete Ghostfang Castle for 3 times”, is changed to “Complete Twilight Hacienda for once”. 


Added LV110 Master Instances: Order of the Haunted and Nightmare Island

  • To enter: Enter Instance menu using T, and sign up for Master Random Challenge Instance; you have to be LV100+ to be able to enter Order of the Haunted and Nightmare Island.
  • Race Mode: besides the regular Master Instance mode, a Race mode is added to Order of the Haunted and Nightmare Island! 
  • Order of the Haunted Race Mode: 
  • The team leader may select a difficulty, and the team has to engage all three enemies, Silver Crest Knight, Flower Knight, and Haunted Knight, within 10 seconds after the battle started to activate the Race mode.
  • The Race mode cannot be activated if any of the three enemies is killed.
  • When all three enemies survive, the Race mode can be activated repeatedly.
  • Race Mode Rewards:
  • Difficulty 1: if the team can complete the race within 20 minutes, they will win an extra chest
  • Difficulty 2 and 3, if the team can complete the race within 10 minutes, they will win 3 extra chests; if they can complete it in 20 minutes, they win 2 extra chests; if they take longer than 20 minutes, they will get 1 chest as the minimal reward.
  • Nightmare Island race mode will be activated automatically after entering the instance. The reward is the same with that above. 
  • Order of the Haunted and Nightmare Island fortune wheel lottery and chest loot now contains Order 2 Sets. 


Added team instance "Source of Sin Finale" with Normal and Champion modes

  • Instance Entrance: Hugh Sutherland at Baptism Square in Order Highland;
  • Required Team Size: 6-18 players;
  • Rewards for include - Champion T8 Class Gear, Order T2 Class Gear, Orange Gear Material, Mount "Molten Heart", Order Soul Entity Shard and more!



New Event Instance: Hall of Duplicates

  • The new event instance Hall of Duplicates is available during 12:00-24:00 every Thursday.
  • Each player can enter for 3 times per week on Thursday.
  • The entrance NPC Wan Levo can be found at the south gate to Nightfall Citadel.
  • The instance rewards include EXP, Soul Power, Soul Coins, and Aepelian Reward Box.


Drift Bottle

There are some Drift Bottles scattered around the Ocean of Hope. You can salvage them to check their messages.


Recruit Manual

A newly created character can see a Recruit Manual at the right bottom corner of the screen for their first 35 days.  They can complete their Recruit Manual training by following the instructions and gain a lot of rewards!


New Artifact Collection

Added the Artifact Collection "Deep Dreamscape", which can be acquired from LV110 Master Instance loot. Activate it to gain a Accuracy boost.




  • adjusted the method of viewing Achievements.
  • added a lot of new Achievements
  • added the new Achievement reward "Collector Point", which can be traded for Soul Leaves.


Source of Sin Interlude

  • 10 units of Dark Amethyst Scroll are added to Source of Sin Interlude, Normal Weekly Quests, and Champion Weekly Quests.
  • Added a personal completion title: “End of the Black Dragon” - the Normal version is purple, while the Champion version is golden.
  • When getting the title for completion, 50 units of Dark Amethyst Scroll will also be rewarded for Normal and Champion respectively. This will only be rewarded once.



  • a “My Corps” option is added to the Guild menu, where you can view your Corps info.
  • Added three Corps skills: Empathy, Gung-ho, Relief; they can be learned by purchasing skillbooks from the Guild Manager.
  • Entering instances with a team can earn you Corps Contribution and Personal Glory. Your Corps will also get Corps Glory. Contribution can be traded for Corps rewards.
  • Removed the daily use limit for Empathy Potion.


Territory War Prayer Reward Adjusted

  • In the prayer rewards for Territory Wars, LV95 Bracers are changed to Elite Reward Token x100.


Master and Apprentice system

  • adjusted the level cap for Master and Apprentice quests to LV110.
  • increased the EXP gained by the Apprentice using Luck to trade.
  • increased the Finish Apprenticeship reward to Rank 3 Gear Pack x2.


Black Market

  • the Black Marketeer is relocated to the fountain in Twilight Square in Nightfall Citadel.
  • Black Market items are adjusted to be refreshed at 10:00 every Monday.


Personal Luck Quest

  • Komog's Memory is not required any more; added more Hall of Duplicates daily quests.


Increased the EXP for some of the Faith Orders

  • For each Hunt Black Goblin Henchman (LV80-LV84), Polar Bill (LV90-LV94), and Silent Jungle Extermination Order (LV95-LV99) completed, the EXP gained is set to 3 to 4 times the old amount.


Triumph Reputation can be gained from some of the Faith Orders

  • For each Silent Jungle Extermination Order (LV95-LV99), Cursed Demon Extermination Order (LV100), Robot Corps Extermination Order (LV101-LV109), and Khaos Undead Extermination Order (LV110) completed, you can gain 2720 Triumph Reputation.


New Era & Era Modified

  • Started new Era: Era of Voyage; In the new Era, LV40-104 players have 200% extra EXP gain
  • Adjusted the EXP bonus for previous Eras, so that players can access this bonus earlier.


Order Gear

  • Among the prefix attributes for Order gear, Sever (critical damage) attribute's value range is increased, and also increased all Mastery attributes to the same range and chance as the Sever attribute.
  • All Order gear of your class can be used at NPC Davis (Nightfall Citadel great hall) to trade for Order Soul Entity.
  • Order Soul Entity can also be acquired from Master instance wheel of fortune and from the new team instance.
  • Players can use a certain number of Order Soul Entity and a Order 2 gear of your class to trade for a piece of gear of the same equip slot (prefix and suffix attributes will be reset);
  • By using Order Soul Entity and a certain amount of Gold Coins, you can trade for unbound Order Soul Crystal, which can be used to reset Order 2 Gear's attributes.


Mount Gear Adjusted

  • Added mount gear of new quality, which has greatly increased base attributes and attributes growth per level. The new mount gear can activate their fourth and fifth attributes are a lower level.
  • For the new mount gear, their Activate Attribute is optimized (making it meet the actual demand of players)



  • NPC Morin (in Angeal Temple in Freedom Harbor) has some new exchange options.  Astroplane materials can be used to trade for generic Astroplane conversion item "Three Star Stone", which can be used, plus some Gold Coins, to trade for all kinds of Astroplane materials (at a loss).


Legend Gear Shard

  • The result item from Spellbound Sandgrit to Flame Crystal exchange, Flame Crystal to Icesoul Gold exchange, Spellbound Sandgrit to Magic Diamond exchange, and Devirock Shard to Heart of the Forge exchange are all bound.
  • In the new team instance, added Dull Source Shard and Dull Source Fragment drops, which can be used at Legendary Accessory Exchange NPC to trade for Source Essence Shard and Source Essence Fragment (unbound).


Champion Gear Adjusted

  • Added Rank 8 Hero Gear and the upgrading of Rank 7 Hero Gear.
  • Optimized the required Reputation needed to trade for Rank 1 through 7 Hero Set
  • Optimized the required number of Reputation Scrolls needed to upgrade Hero Set of all ranks.
  • You can trade for new sets at Roxy in the Hall of Glory.
  • Adjusted the required number of Reputation Scrolls needed to trade for Dark Amethyst Scroll at Natalie.
  • When trading for Gear/Soul Entity, you have to be careful if you have gear of the same type, with refined attributes and fortify levels, in case you mistakenly used the gear with gems, attributes, and fortifications to trade for Soul Entity or reforged them into new gear.


Starter Pack Adjusted

  • Increased the reward from the Starter Pack and the use limit.


Council Reputation Ranking Reward Adjusted

  • In the monthly rankings, the 1st place First Citizen will be reward 50 extra Solid Soul Essence; the 2nd place "Second Citizen" will get 20 extra; and the 3rd place "Third Citizen" will get 10 extra.


Signature Feature Optimized

  • Optimized the signature function so that it can be edited.


Soul Entity Exchange optimized

  • When trading for Soul Entity, if you have two pieces of the same gear, and if any of them is locked, then you can not trade for Soul Entity with a message prompting "bag is locked". You need to put the locked gear in your Stash and try again.


Skill Adjustment


  • Inferno Blessing's final cooldown is adjusted to 40 seconds; duration is increased to 15 seconds
  • During the Inferno Blessing status at 100 Energy, the Heartfire effect's addtional base damage and crit damage and Hellfire Death only take half the normal effect on Flash Flame and Inferno Bat.
  • Fixed the bug that after learning the skill Echo, Hellfire Death can not enter Blood Thirst status.



  • During the Dyos Wisdom status at 40 energy, Dyos' Thunder increases Crit Damage per layer by 1% for every 30 energy you gain (at 100 energy, 3% per layer); each layer additionally increases Wind skill's Crit Chance by 1%; for a multi-hit skill, each hit inflicts Dyos' Thunder.
  • Thunder Barrier talent: Wind skill will gain increased base damage based on the percentage of loss MP, up to 6%*3.
  • Sinister Constriction talent: in Sinister Force status, attacking Mage will incur a penalty that lowers all Mastery by 25 * 4 levels * 5 layers. Added an extra effect that lowers Crit Defense by 1 * 4 levels * 5 layers.
  • Breath of Inferno talent: the 10%*3 bonus base damage to Fireball, Rage of Demons, and Flame of Fury is increased to 15%*3.
  • The cast time of Spark Burst changed from 5 seconds to 4 seconds



  • Angel Asylum: at Nyos Wisdom 80 energy, the healing effect is increased by an additional 10% + 20 * 2%.
  • Angel Asylum: at Dyos Wisdom 80 energy, the single-hit damage taken limit effect is lowered by 4% + 20 * 0.2%
  • Glow talent: in Glow status, removed the effect that Divine Strike won't cost MP, and changed to cost an additional amount of MP that equals to 2% * 3 of current MP to increase the same amount of additional Attack.
  • At Dyos/Nyos Fervor energy 1, Light skill's healing effect is no longer attached to skill's additional Attack, but your own Light Mastery, which is (5+0.05*100) * Light Mastery.
  • Punishing Removal's range is changed from 10 meters to 8 meters, and the maximum affected targets is changed from 20 to 10.
  • Northern Air talent: Ice Blade Strike's effect to freeze a target at a 15% * 3 chance and to render the target unable to be frozen again for the next 10 seconds is changed to lowering the target's chance to be frozen to 5% * 3 in the next 10 seconds.
  • Siphon talent: Holy Prayer - Enigma's effect to lower target's Max MP by 5% * 3 is changed to lower target's Max MP by 1% * 3, while healing yourself by 1% * 3 of your MP.
  • Prayer of Frost increases Water skill's Crit Damage by the same amount of Crit Chance.
  • At Dyos/Nyos Nature 100 enerngy, Prayer of Frost's duration boost of 8 seconds is changed to 50%
  • Talent Skill Power of Love: the Crit Chance bonus duration is changed to 150 seconds.



  • Earth Rift has increased base damage by 20%.
  • Gale Force's cooldown is changed to 60 seconds
  • Thorned Plate talent: the effect to increase Attack by 10%*2 of Defense is changed to 12%*2.
  • At Dyos/Nyos Fervor 100 energy, for each point of Fury, increases Hard Smash, Force of Fury, Crushing Attack, and Earth Torn's base damage by 2%.
  • Mental Focus's fury duration is increased to 30 seconds.



  • Sacred Lunar Blade's Ensnare effect is changed to Disarm
  • Darklord's Offspring talent skill: when activated, the effect to increase Darkness Mastery by 200% and Healing effect by 10% of Max Attack is changed to cost 10% of Max MP per second to increase Dark Mastery by 200% and Healing effect by current MP 2% *2.
  • At Dyos/Nyos Nature 100 energy, added an effect that Darklord's Offspring's MP cost per second is halved.
  • Light Awakening's Mysterious Chest of Light: the effect to recover 7%*10 HP also recovers the same amount of MP.
  • Midnight Pray's base healing strength is changed from 3845-4250 to 2845-3250; the frequency once per 3 seconds is changed to once per 2 seconds; and it will affect the whole team.
  • At Nyos Wisdom 100 energy, added the effect that Solar Geyser's cooldown is reduced by 10 seconds.



  • Rain Fall talent skill: cast mode is changed to select a target to cast.
  • Curse Arrow talent skill: the effect to lower target's healing received by 10%*4 is changed to 5%*4.
  • Waltz talent skill: at max effect with 500 Evasion, has a 50% chance to grant yourself Disarm immunity for 2 seconds, is changed to have a 15%*5 chance to reduce target's Accuracy by 50 for 5 seconds.
  • Deadly Hunter talent: the effect that Blade Dash has a 25%*4 chance to remove certain skills' cooldown is changed to have a same chance to cast the next Waltz skill without entering cooldown.
  • Hunting Season's effect to increase base attack by 10%*2 is changed to 15%*2, and is changed to clear only Waltz and Blade Dash's cooldown.
  • Lord of the Hunt talent: each layer of Hunting Season grants Waltz a 5% chance to Stun target for 1 second.
  • At Dyos/Nyos Fervor 100 energy, added a effect that in Hunting Season status, Blade Dash's cooldown is reduced to 8 seconds.



  • Disordered Mana (Hellfire) talent: Fire skill's MP cost is reduced by 10%*3; added an effect that Fire skills have a "intrinsic Crit Chance" (this Crit Chance is not related to skill's Crit Chance), which has a chance to *1.3/*1.6/*2 the Blood damage.



  • Shadow Protection can dispel Hunter Mark, and immune to Flash Bomb



  • Undying Heartfire talent: the effect to increase Burning Rage's duration by 1.5*3 is changed to 3*3; the effect to increase Extreme Fury when hit by 1*3 is changed to 9*3.



  • Deadly Will talent: removed the effect to increase Accuracy by 80, and changed to increase Sacrifice's base damage by 20%.
  • Dyos/Nyos Fervor 100 energy, added a effect that lowers Sacrifice's cooldown by 5 seconds.



  • Restless Cocoon and Warblood Pact talent: the effect to increase Crit Chance is tripled.
  • Hostility talent skill: added an effect to Stun for 1 second.
  • Dying Blood Surge (Dark)'s cooldown changed from 300 seconds to 120 seconds.



  • Holy Light Melody talent skill: loses 1% of Max MP per second, up to a total of 1000
  • Triple Partita talent skill: the effect to reduce skill Crit Damage by 10% is changed to increases skill Crit Damage by 10%.
  • Advanced Triple Partita talent: the effect at LV3 to reduce cooldown by 10 seconds is changed to reduce Triple Partita's cooldown by 10 seconds per level.
  • Iceblade Thrust talent: the effect to increase Attack by 75*3 is changed to increase base Attack by 1%*3.
  • Infuriate talent: the effect that each layer of Infuriate increases Attack by 5*6 (up to 5*6*5=150) is changed to Infuriate increases your Attack by an additional 50*6.
  • Inspire talent: the effect that Infuriate increases base Attack by 2%*4 is changed to 1%*4 per layer.
  • Wind Wall talent: the effect to increase Crit Damage by 5%*3 is changed to increase Infuriate's effect by 3%/4%/5% per layer.
  • Light of Illusion talent: the effect that Concerto of Life additionally increases Bard's Magic Shield by 60% of current MP is changed to Magic Shield by 60% of Max MP.
  • Soul of Music skill: cooldown is changed from 120 seconds to 90 seconds; in Soul of Music status, E Chord's effect to recover 20% Max HP also recovers 20% Max MP. 



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