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Forsaken World

Unveiling the Next Big Thing

Par therealjayve
mer. 09 juin 2010 15:59:54 PDT

If you thought the official “In a Perfect World” Podcast was something, your socks are going to get knocked off when you hear that we’re planning on launching a new video podcast. This will take how you interact and get your Perfect World fix in a whole new way (socks not included).

Not only that, but the pilot episode will be a recap Perfect World’s presence at E3 and we’re opening our official Twitter and Facebook groups to take questions from fans just like you on our games.


Are you dying to know how we come up with our server names or want to know more about Forsaken World, Battle of the Immortals or Heroes of Three Kingdoms? Ask us your questions and we’ll pick a handful of them to ask our Product Managers while on the E3 show floor.

Click here to ask your questions on Twitter.

Click here to ask your questions on Facebook.

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Free MMORPG - Forsaken World

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