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Forsaken World

FW - Winter Update Patch Notes

Par CrabClaw | jeu. 15 déc. 2011 15:02:46 PST

Patch Notes 12/15/2011

New Game Features

Refinement Transfer:
- Speak to any Armorer or Blacksmith in Freedom Harbor and select Fortify Transfer.
- Two pieces of Gear that are equipped in the same character slot are required.
- Original Gear must have at least 1 level of fortification. The fortification level of the original gear cannot exceed the maximum fortification level of the Target Gear.
- Selecting Result Preview will show which stats will be transferred and what the cost will be. Selecting Confirm will transfer refinement to the target gear and remove the Required Items.
- This process will transfer Refinement Levels and all Gems, including Exotic Gems. Identified stats will not be transferred.

Pet Skill Binding:
- Service available from Hicks in Freedom Harbor, or the Training Grounds Pet Trainers.
- One Attack and one Assist skill can be bound on every pet. Place the Pet stone in the Binding Interface, select Bind or Unbind Pet Skill, and click on the skill. Cost will be displayed once a valid selection is made.
- Basic and Major Skill Crystals can be purchased from the Eyrda Boutique. Unbinding a Pet skill is Free.

Gem Light Potions:
- Gem Light Potions can be purchased from a new tab on the Shylia Market (Press H, or enter through the prayer UI).
- Drinking the potions will give the character the stat bonus of a Lv4 Gem for 24 hours.
- After the Buff expires, the player will receive Crystal Light, which can be traded at Christer in Freedom Harbor for Lv4 Gems.

Item Lock:
- Items can now be locked in your bag to prevent accidently selling or destroying important items.
- Mouse over the new Lock icon in the bag for a list of items that can be locked. Click the icon, then click an item to lock it.
- Certain items will cost a Gold Coin fee to lock, Boutique Items are free to lock.
- Items can be unlocked by left clicking the item. A prompt will appear to confirm the unlock process.
- Unlocking Items is free, but will take 3 days to process and can be cancelled at any time.

Fishing areas more easily accessed in the following zones: Sleeping Jungle, Training Grounds, Winter Heights, Dusk Town and the Sanctuary.

Fish Bait recipes now sold at Dotora near the fishing trainer. Bait can be turned in for new titles, or used to catch higher level items when fishing.

Pets have two added talents: Evasion and Accuracy, which can be upgraded using Stars of Fate sold by pet trainers.

Bug Fixes and Tweaks:
- Combat messages have been improved to show more information.
- Advanced Mentor Gift Boxes have a chance to grant a new set of fashion.
- Base building costs have been changed so Maintenance will be less expensive for higher level bases.
- Exotic Twilight Gems will now only be embeddable in the same gear as regular twilight gems
- Misery Bows on Dwarves no longer cause Dwarf hair to flicker between the chosen hair color and pink.
- Version specific buff fixes TBD

Known Issues:
- Shylia Market total devotion days will not show past 70 days for the time being.
- Cursor does not change for the Inventory Lock function. Mouse over items to see if your Lock is activated.


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