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Torchlight 3

Introducing Your Fort

Par SoFech | ven. 02 nov. 2018 10:49:50 PDT

If you ask our CEO, Max Schaefer, about Torchlight Frontiers, Forts is probably the feature he lights up about the most. He’ll tell you the goal of Forts is to enfranchise players in the Torchlight world, to give them a piece of it all their own, so that it’s not somewhere you just pass through… its a place you live in.


Today I’m excited to properly reveal the Forts feature and share some ways we’re putting the Fort experience right at the center of Torchlight Frontiers.

Fort Pre-vis


This is your home on the frontier

As a player, you get access to your fort very quickly and use it as your base of operations throughout the adventures to come. You’ll be designing the layout and decor in your Fort, expanding your power through special buildings, and gaining account wide benefits for all your characters.

The best thing about Forts is that this space is yours. Players can enter Construction mode any time while in their Fort. This mode includes a powerful Crafting & Storage feature where you can create new objects and select from your collection to place stuff into the world.

Fort Construction Preview


We’ve already put in tons of decorative assets and are making more all the time, so that players can truly create a space that’s unique to them. Forts come out of the box ready to customize, and you’ll also be able to discover and craft a massive range of new decorative objects to create your ideal space.

Here are some Forts built by our team, using the in-game tools: Player Fort A // Player Fort B // Player Fort C


All your progress under one roof

In most progression features players will see a familiar pattern of constructing buildings in the Fort which provide access to Skills, Crafting, Storage, Relics, Mapworks, and so on. Upgrading and specializing these parts of the Fort will unlock new powers and choices for all your characters.


Class Skills: Each class has a dedicated fort building where you purchase active & passive skills using Skill Points earned by that character. Upgrading the Class Building makes more skills & traits available for purchase. Your other characters of the same class can use the upgraded building, opening new advancement paths and character design possibilities.

Dusk Mages study at the Arcanum

Crafting Stations: Whether you're upgrading fort structures, enhancing your gear, or chasing the finest decor items you'll be refining and crafting with a wide range of materials and crafting stations.

Crafting Stations

The Reliquary: Discover ancient relics on your adventures, then restore their power through your Reliquary.

Account Stash: You need a secure storage space for all that sweet gear. Account Stash is accessed from the Fort.


As the game grows, many new features will have a presence in your Fort, grant powers that are useful across many characters, and add to your collection of Fort decor.


We’ve got visitors!

You’ll encounter the Forts of other players while adventuring through the world. These make a great pit stop, and a chance to use other players’ advanced buildings to give your own character a boost. When you’re grouping and making friends with other players make sure to check out their Forts and see how you can help each other!

This will add to the shared world aspect of Torchlight Frontiers and give players important reasons to seek out and forge connections with each other to exchange their specializations.


Forts are your personal space in Torchlight - what do you want it to be?

I’ve laid out some core pieces of the Forts plan. The most important part is giving players the experience of owning their own piece of the Torchlight world. I know I want oversize gears & clanking magic-machines pouring exhaust to greet heroic travelers who find their way into my domain. What do you want most for your Fort?




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