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Our Gigantic Family - FBTWGaming

Par Fero
jeu. 28 sept. 2017 09:00:00 PDT

Hey everyone, it’s Community Manager Fero with another edition of “Our Gigantic Family”. This week’s guest talks about Martial Arts, yet he is not a Wu main. Please welcome Gigantic veteran FBTWGaming!


Hey there, FBTWGaming! Thanks for taking some time for us. Of course I’d like to know first: How did Gigantic get on your radar what made you stick around?

Way back in the mists of time, it was 2014, and a community mourned the closing of Dawngate. I had been into the game and had befriended a few of the community members. One of those just happened to be the Potato himself, Thor, who was picked up by Motiga. He began bringing people over who he thought would better the new community. I was honored he thought of me and I became one of their beta broadcasters. Since those early days the fast paced but tactical gameplay has kept me queueing up again and again. I tell people Gigantic is like playing chess in the back of a jet doing barrel rolls!

Also, the lore... yes this game has lore! Since I began seeing the lore pop on skins and cards I’ve been super into the world. Who’s connected to whom, who are the eternals, what is the planet of Gig? So many theories and all we have is Dark Soul-ian lore to hint at these things. But, I’ve got theories about everything, ohh I got theories….

What are the main heroes you’re playing in Gigantic at the moment and have your go-to heroes and roles changed over time?

Heroes I play … hmm … they made a pick all button for a reason! Narrowing it down, I love control characters. I don’t need damage; I just want people to throw their computers out their windows because I stop them from doing what they want to do. Is there any doubt to why I love playing Xenobia, Pakko, and The Margrave? I used to be a one-trick Xeno main but as I played with my old competitive team we needed a tank so I picked up The Margrave, and just kept expanding my heroes.

If you could pitch a new hero concept to Motiga, how would it look like in terms of design and skills?

I love odd heroes, heroes that do something no one else can do. Some of my favorite heroes and kits from other games are Mina from Dawngate (RIP) and Abathur from HoTS, so I’d love a “Backpack” hero, someone who rode around on another hero acting like a turret and a buffer. Maybe a void spawn that “infects” his teammates giving them a giant void hand growing out their back. He could give them a shield, could upgrade his swipe attack to lob a void bomb for ranged AOE. Think a granny hand attached to someone's back. Basically, if he isn’t in a teammate he's almost a sitting duck.

I’d also love to see a class that either steals its own summon point creatures to give him strength or he leashes them to take them around the battlefield, kind of like Rag in HoTS … would that be OP as hell as is, but again, I just love the concept of cool abilities.

Or a character that … you know what, maybe I should just start making videos on cool character concepts :-D

You’re streaming Gigantic live on Twitch and you also have a YouTube channel. What made you start creating content for the games you play?

When I first started making Youtube videos I was trying to help grow the Dawngate community with builds and character analysis. There were VERY few of those for it at the time and I wanted to fill a niche. As I continued gaining support I began watching other peoples streams and the connectivity to your audience really seemed awesome to me so I read over all the material, learned OBS and here we are today!

You are part of Team Vortex. What do you enjoy the most in a competitive environment?

In one word: comradery. That’s it. I mean it's great seeing high level play, feeling like you're on the cutting edge of something amazing, but for me it's how I flow and feel with my team, win or lose. I’ve played every sport you can likely name during my youth and as long as my team and myself get better with every game, every practice, I feel great.

How did it go for you guys when Guardian Arena made its return recently?

We did ok, only winning 2 out of our 5 games stung a bit but it showed how far we have to climb, it’s a starting point. I’ve talked with a few people, got some new drills to run with the team and with some hard work we'll see how we do next time.

As a veteran, you’ve seen the different stages of Gigantic over the years. What features would you like to see implemented in (or return to?) Gigantic in the future?

To be selfish, give Xenobia back her root - that made people rage so hard it brought a troll smile to my face each time I used RMB. But really there are a ton of things I’d love to see. I miss the summon times on adults that could be reduced by people babysitting them. I feel like there were more tactics with it … and it nurtured my maternal instinct - yeah I’m a manly guy but I can have that right?! Also creatures being more potent, but that’s just me.

A ranked mode is what seems to be what people are clamoring for and I wouldn’t mind seeing how far I could climb on that ladder. A draft system would almost be a must if ranked popped in.

Game modes, something akin to Heroes of the Storms brawls would be cool, like a game mode where you have your focus up constantly like that one part in the tutorial, that idea’s on the house. Maybe a PvE game mode like MxM … look if you ask me what I want, I’m going to say the moon and stars, I love Gigantic and I always want more of it!

What do you do outside of playing video games? Any hobbies or activities you want to share with us?

Outside video games I play a ton of tabletop RPGs, both GMing and just playing; although the latter seems to drive other Gamemasters nuts. I have fun not only learning how to break a system over my knee but then figuring out how far I can push saner concepts. I mean, I’m not saying I “koolaid man” my way through a castle’s walls till it collapses but I’m definitely saying that.

My other big hobby/activity is Martial Arts, been practicing them since middle school. Which Martial Art? I started with Kendo/Kenjutsu and went on with Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Kickboxing, Jojitsu, Bōjutsu, Kyujitsu, sprinkled in some Filipino Martial Arts, knife fighting, and right now picking up Tessenjutsu … yea, then toss in knife/axe/shuriken throwing and that about rounds it out.

I also cook … but that's not nearly as cool, right?

Thanks so much for the interview! As always, our guest has the last word!

Thanks a ton for this opportunity Fero, I’m really glad PWE and Motiga are so great with their audience, pushing for a more interconnected community. And I'll see you guys on the airship!


Make sure to check out FBTWGaming right here:

Twitter: @Bad2WorseGaming
Twitch: FBTWGaming
YouTube: FromBadtoWorseGaming


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