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The Design of Rutger

Par Amanda
ven. 15 sept. 2017 10:00:00 PDT

Hi guys! This is MO_Retrac and MO_ArrozconMango here to talk about the newest Hero: the Warden of Stone, Rutger!

Rutger is a melee-centered Hero who uses shield to tank incoming damage while dishing out punishment to his enemies. His ability to manipulate the battlefield by blocking off paths with his walls makes him great for splitting the enemy groups and forcing them to fight him toe-to-toe.

When designing Rutger, we wanted to create a Hero who would bring a unique set of tools to the Gigantic battlefield. We did this by giving him two gameplay mechanics specific to his kit: a self-applied shield that he can use to survive in combat, and a stone wall that allows him to control the battlefield. Powered by the glowing gems in his hands and strengthened by his upgrades as he levels up, Rutger’s shield can be replenished to protect him from harm and ensure his survival through the longer fights. The wall he creates provides him with the ability to zone out enemies better than any other Hero, and can be used as both an offensive and defensive tool.

What Rutger's kit looks like:

His LMB/RT skill, DIGGING CLAWS, is a melee attack that restores Rutger’s shield if it is already active. 

His RMB/LT skill, TREMORS, lifts the ground in front of Rutger up to three times. The first two hits slow enemies; the third hit causes spikes to come out of the ground, dealing damage and pushing foes up.

His Q/LB skill, BURROW, allows Rutger to dive into the ground where he gains invulnerability and restores his shield.

His E/RB skill, ROCK BARRIER, creates a wall at a targeted location which completely blocks enemies and projectiles.

After briefly charging his Focus skill, ROCK AND ROLL, Rutger propels himself forward rapidly. Enemies who are hit by the rolling attack take damage and are launched away.


  • While sufficiently tanky, players who pick up Rutger should keep a close eye on their health bar. If Rutger’s shield is broken he becomes significantly more vulnerable, as his health pool is not very large. When your shield is broken, it might be a good idea to disengage.
  • The ROCK BARRIER skill is great at controlling the battlefield and splitting up your enemies. Use it to block foes as they attempt to escape, or use it to aid your own escape by walling off a choke point on your way through. Be careful, though: your wall can also block your own teammates! If your wall placement is questionable, tap E/RB again to remove the wall.
  • If you start to take a lot of damage in a fight, it can be wise to take a breather by using your BURROW skill. This will make you temporarily invulnerable and will give you a chance to restore some of your shield. Clever use of this skill can extend fights long enough for your other skills to come off cooldown.
  • Your Focus skill can be used in many different ways. As a movement skill, it’s great for closing the gap and escaping from fights. In the middle of a fight, it can be used to disrupt the enemy team by bowling your way through as many enemies as possible.


  • When attacking Rutger, it’s important to note whether he is shielded or not. If he has a full shield, it means he’s going to be able to absorb a lot of the damage you deal. If his shield is broken, it is a good time to jump on him and inflict as much damage as you can before he’s able to regenerate.
  • Always be aware of Rutger’s wall. When engaging Rutger, it’s good to have an escape plan that doesn’t rely on a single path, because that path just might get blocked off before you can get there!


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