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Release Notes: October 20th 2016

Par LaughingTrendy
mer. 19 oct. 2016 09:00:00 PDT

Once again we find ourselves on the brink of another weekend event! Unlike our previous testing events, this weekend is less focused on testing, and more focused on giving you and your friends the opportunity to try out Gigantic.

That’s all there is to it! THIS time, we’re not looking to flood you with a ton of changes; instead, think of this as an opportunity to jump back in, refresh your understanding of the game, and brush up on your PvP skills. While we’ll be busy collecting information about our servers and systems from our command center at Motiga, this is really your chance to pick up where you left off. Whether playing with friends, re-acquainting yourself with a familiar hero or getting to know a new one, every game you play this weekend helps us learn more about our servers, and provides us with the information and opportunity to continue making improvements to the game.

Nevertheless, we want to make sure you’re up-to-date with any changes we make each month; so while there isn’t much new stuff in tomorrow’s build, there are a few new features (as well as a few known issues) to keep in mind as you prepare to board the airship and launch back onto the battlefield.

Join Us For A Gigantic Weekend

Everything kicks off this coming Thursday, 10/20, when Arc, Windows 10, and Xbox One users who have already unlocked the game will be able to jump in and play. Here’s everything you need to know:

STARTS: Thursday 10/20 @ 9am PDT (12pm EDT / 18:00 CEST)
ENDS: Monday, 10/24 @ 11:59pm PDT (3am EDT / 9:00 CEST, Tuesday)
PLATFORMS: Arc, Windows 10, Xbox One
DETAILS: Here’s what to expect:

  • 4 Featured Heroes: The Margrave, Tripp, Voden, Xenobia
  • 4 Random Heroes: Every player will have an additional four heroes randomly unlocked on their account.
  • 1 Map: Siren’s Strand
  • 0 NDA: Screenshots, streaming, and video are encouraged!

NOTE: Progression IS being wiped before this event, though this should not affect your skill rating when matchmaking with other players.

New Features

For those who have been out of touch with the game for a while, here’s some of the cool features you may have missed over the past few months:

  • Party with your friends: Arc users will be able to party and play with other Arc users over the weekend, while Windows 10 and Xbox One users will be able to group and play cross-platform using Xbox Live.
  • Introducing an all new, personal hero rotation: Choose from a roster of four featured heroes and four random heroes unlocked on your account, giving each player a different set of heroes to select from each week. You can also unlock the heroes you like best using in-game currency you’ve earned while playing!
  • Disconnect penalties: Players who bail out on their teams early not only lose any progress or rewards they’ve earned, but will be unable to play another match for a period of time. The amount of time grows each time you leave a match, so be sure to play out the games you begin!


Known Issues

As with any game in development, there are also a few issues we’ll be observing closely in the hunt for more information. Here are the known issues you might encounter while playing this weekend:

  • Users with an ATI graphics card may experience an infinite hang or hard lock when loading into a match. While it won’t affect everyone playing over the weekend, it may be a source of trouble if you’re constantly disconnecting or hard-locking when playing the game. Please make sure that you’ve updated to the latest graphics drivers, as they appear to address the issue for most users.

    If you are still experiencing hard-locks of the game - usually when the game freezes and does not recover - please contact Arc support with the following information:

    • A copy of your dxdiag and MSInfo files.
    • Before closing the game, open the Task Manager (CTRL+Shift+Escape) and find Gigantic in the process list. Right click it and click ‘Create Dump File’ to create a dump file.
    • Close the game, and then navigate to your Gigantic Logs folder (...Documents\My Games\Gigantic\RxGame\Logs). Make a copy of your Launch.log (txt) file and include it in your report.
  • When using an Xbox controller, hitting ‘up’ on the joystick during the end-of-match scoreboard will prevent you from navigating the buttons. It is recommended that you avoid trying to move off of anything other than the “Back to Main Menu” button to avoid getting stuck.

  • If one player disconnects before starting a match, everyone will get a short matchmaking penalty. It sucks, and we know it! This is something we’re working to fix.

  • On rare occasions, creatures will not collect orbs. While you’re able to collect the orbs manually, this is a rare bug that crops up from time to time. Please report any locations where this occurs on the official Gigantic forum.


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