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Noticias de Arc
Early Access Hotfix - 2022/04/01
abril 1, 2022

Hello new recruits,

Thank you very much for all your comments and support since the release of “Have a Nice Death” in Early Access.

This patch - more important than the previous ones - contains additional gameplay tweaks, VFX and sound improvements, as well as bug fixes.  

We remain attentive to your feedback and try to be responsive to it as soon as possible.



  • Redesign and enhancement of the automatic Volte-Face system (automatically turns Death to the enemy during the attack) and added an option to turn it on/off.
  • Redesign and enhancement of the dash Assist system (replace Death after a dash to help attack) and added an option to enable/disable it.
  • Spell “Makeshift Rockets”: added upgrade Level 2.
  • The run timer is now stopped during dialogues and kinematics.
  • Added option to change voice volume.



  • [Fixed] Players may be blocked in some battle arenas.
  • [Fixed] Some ranged attacks do not launch on the correct side after players have turned around.
  • [Fixed] The spell “Poison Mist” does not apply the poison effect. 
  • [Fixed] Rewards of a level are different from the levels in the first world.
  • Players should get stuck in the ground less after crossing a platform.
  • [Fixed] Mana/Life upgrade VFX and sound are played as the player enters a new level. 
  • [Fixed] The “Scythe-Evident Truth” curse can do negative damage to weapons with little damage.
  • [Fixed] The worker guide entry of a weapon is not unlocked when purchased from a store.
  • [Fixed] “Termination” type Curses are triggered when players break doors or some GPE.
  • [Fixed] Infinite loading after taking the elevator in the shop.
  • [Fixed] Control Room: New scythe damage does not update in the “Transform” panel.
  • [Fixed] Mini-boss Denzel King Dengue (World 3) falls through the level when stunned while performing a flying attack.
  • Multiple colliders fixed in levels. 
  • Various fixes for text/localization.
  • A lot of minor fixes.



  • VFX for Poison has been updated
  • Changes on Anima and Soulary VFX 
  • Added new Curses VFX 



  • Added and fixed various sound effects. 
  • Added ambiant sounds.


abr 1st, 2022

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