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Star Trek Online

Equal and Opposite

By Ambassador Kael | Thu 04 Nov 2021 09:30:00 AM PDT



As part of our upcoming content release, from November 9th to December 9th, Captains playing Star Trek Online on Xbox and Playstation will have access to a special event: Equal and Opposite. This new event will provide participating Captains with an impressive reward, the Mirror Universe Gagarin Warship (T6), along with Terran Empire Agony Phaser Weapon Packs and space weapon-specific Ultimate Tech Upgrades for the first character on your account to claim the prize. Read on to find out more about the event and its rewards.


Event Progress

Participating in this event grants daily progress towards the Grand Prize: Mirror Universe Gagarin Warship (T6). Additionally, the first character on your account that claims this reward will also receive 8x Terran Empire Agony Phaser Weapon Packs which each contain your choice of starship weapon type, and 3x Ultimate Tech Upgrade - Beam/Cannon/Projectile Tech which may be used to upgrade any starship weaponry. Obtaining the Grand Prize requires 20 daily progress, and Captains can earn one daily progress per account per day by playing any of the following:


  •     New Task Force Operation: Operation: Wolf
  •     Task Force Operation: Counterpoint
  •     New Episode: Firewall
  •     Episode: Jabberwock


Once Captains have obtained 20 daily progress on their account, they can claim the Mirror Universe Gagarin Warship (T6). After that, the event will still be playable, granting a scaling Dilithium reward that begins at 8,000 Dilithium Ore and scales by 1,000 Dilithium Ore for every day you participate in the event, up to a cap of 50,000 Dilithium Ore per day.

Captains will also have the option to purchase their remaining progress in the event with Zen. The price for this buyout will prorate, based on the amount of progress a Captain has completed.

Mirror Universe Gagarin Warship (T6)

The Terran Empire builds the bulk of their fleet to fill the role of aggressive gunships, capable of preemptive strikes and equipped to achieve victory in any conflict their ships inevitably seem to encounter. The Gagarin Warship is no exception to this standard practice, and fills the role with style and ease. With an array of ample weaponry and a sturdy build with solid, mid-range mobility, this Warship is truly capable of acting as a formidable component of any fleet of starships.

This ship features a Lieutenant Commander Command Specialist Bridge Officer seat.


  • Tier: 6
  • Faction: Any
  • Required Rank: Must Complete Tutorial
  • Hull Modifier:  1.25
  • Shield Modifier:  0.9
  • Fore Weapons: 4
  • Aft Weapons: 4
  • Device Slots: 3
  • Bridge Officer Stations: 1x Lieutenant Tactical, 1x Commander Tactical, 1x Lt Commander Engineering, 1x Ensign Science, 1x Lieutenant Commander Universal / Command
  • Consoles: 5 Tactical, 4 Engineering, 2 Science (scales with level)
  • Base Turn Rate: 12
  • Impulse Modifier: 0.18
  • Inertia: 45
  • +10 Weapon Power, +10 Shield Power
  • Console - Universal – Destructive Protomatter Wave Projector
  • Can Equip Dual Cannons
  • Starship Mastery Package (Destroyer)
    • Precise Weapon Systems (+Accuracy)
    • Enhanced Weapon Banks (+Critical Severity)
    • Devastating Weaponry (+Critical Chance)
    • Enhanced Weapon Systems (+All Damage)
    • Protomatter Precursor Shields (Starship Trait)


Admiralty Stats:

  • Eng: 43
  • Sci: 20
  • Tac: 63
  • Special: +8 ENG and SCI per TacShip


Console – Universal – Destructive Protomatter Wave Projector

The Terran Empire was never successful in perfecting the Genesis project, much to the appreciation of the other denizens of the Mirror Universe. However, there still exists byproducts of that research, including this device which is capable of utilizing massive waves of cohesive radiation to break down matter into its constituent components - a necessary first step in the intended process of Genesis. This weaponized technology targets multiple enemy vessels in a forward-facing cone, ripping their hulls apart over a period of time. If any such infected vessels are destroyed while the effects are present, they will send out a secondary shockwave of radiation which may infect additional foes in their area in a continuing chain reaction.

This console additionally provides a boost to All Damage from Energy Weapons, and All Damage Resistance Rating vs. Energy Weapons. It can be equipped on any starship, in any slot, but you may only equip one of these consoles.

Starship Trait – Protomatter Precursor Shields

After using a Captain Ability, the Front Shield Facing gains Immunity to Damage for 5 seconds. During this time, the front facing also regenerates a modest amount.

The Terran Empire experimented with various forms of Protomatter for reactive shielding, forming clumps of undifferentiated carbon in the path of incoming weapons fire. Ultimately this proved inefficient for the fleet due to cost reasons, but the defensive strength can be appealing to an individual ship.

This is a special event for our next content drop, and is not part of an Event Campaign. We hope you enjoy this special event, Captains, and we'll see you in game.


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