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Star Trek Online

Command the Jovian Raider!

By Ambassador Kael | Tue 11 May 2021 09:00:00 AM PDT

The Infinity Lock Box, containing prizes from nearly all previously-retired Lock Boxes, will be gaining a brand new prize on May 13th, 2021 (on Xbox and PlayStation). During this time, enemies defeated on both Ground and Space maps will have a small chance of dropping one of these prize-filled packages, while the Picard Zhat Vash Lock Box will be retired.

This run of the Infinity Lock Box will contain an all-new Tier 6 Starship, the Jovian Intel Heavy Raider [T6]! Also referred to as a “Titan Raider” when it showed up in Season 3 of Star Trek Discovery, this ship was one of several led by the infamous and mysterious leader known as Wen, as it harassed the United Earth Defense Forces in a tense standoff. This unique ship has an interesting place in the bigger picture of a future of disparate and desperate individuals trying to survive in trying times and survive to the best of their abilities in difficult situations.

Continue reading further on for the full details on this new starship offering!

Jovian Intel Heavy Raider [T6]

These versatile and scrappy starships originally comprised the entirety of the fleet of a small survivalist outfit of resource pirates found in the Sol System of the 32nd century, who made a habit of raiding the United Earth's outbound resource convoys. The ships are outfitted especially well for their specific purposes, having been adapted for the roles of scrapping and salvaging resources. These same modifications allow the ship to also serve as a capable Raider in standard fleet battles, employing hit-and-run tactics meant to debilitate the foes, and utilizing the harvested resources to perform improvised field improvements to their own capabilities.

This starship features a Command Tactical / Intelligence Specialist Bridge Officer seat and a Lieutenant Universal / Miracle Worker Specialist Bridge Officer seat.

Ship Details:

  • Tier: 6
  • Faction: Any
  • Required Rank: Complete the Tutorial
  • Hull Modifier:  1.15
  • Shield Modifier:  0.85
  • Fore Weapons:  5
  • Aft Weapons:  1
  • Device Slots:  2
  • Bridge Officer Stations:  1x Commander Tactical / Intelligence, 1x Ensign Universal, 1x Lieutenant Universal / Miracle Worker, 2x Lieutenant Commander Universal
  • Consoles: 5 Tactical, 3 Engineering, 3 Science (scales with level)
  • Base Turn Rate:  18
  • Impulse Modifier:  0.23
  • Inertia:  75
  • +15 Weapon Power, +5 Auxiliary Power
  • Can Equip Dual Cannons
  • Improved Raider Flanking
  • Experimental Weapon -Threat Deterrent Charge Launcher
  • Console - Universal - Harvester Mode
  • Warp Signature Masking
  • Active Sensor Arrays
    • Gather Intelligence
    • Expose Vulnerability: Defenses
    • Expose Vulnerability: Weapon Systems
    • Expose Vulnerability: Critical Systems
  • Starship Mastery Package (Raider)
    • Precise Weapons Systems (+Accuracy)
    • Tactical Maneuvering (+Defense)
    • Enhanced Weapon Systems (+All Weapon Damage)
    • Enhanced Weapon Banks (+Crit Severity)
    • Precision Scrapper (Starship Trait)

Admiralty Ship Stats:

  • Eng:  29
  • Sci:  31
  • Tac:  66
  • Special: -25% Maintenance per EngShip



Console - Universal - Harvester Mode

By outfitting a ship with specialized micro-emitters, alongside integrated scanning and targeting technology, standard-issue tractor beams have been combined with energy transfer technology to act as a suite of aggressive salvage systems. When engaged, these emitters will automatically target nearby enemy ships, stripping power and materials from them. This results in reducing their power levels, dealing kinetic damage, and slowing them down. Once the emitters have been spent on harvesting enemy ships in this way, all gained resources are then automatically applied to the host vessel in a myriad of ways, improving nearly every aspect of ship performance, as well as temporarily augmenting the firing capabilities of its energy weapons. The benefits reaped by your ship will grow with the amount of harvested materials that were successfully gathered.

This console also provides a passive bonus to Flight Speed and Turn Rate (only while not in combat), and Control Expertise.

This console can be equipped on any starship. Only one of these consoles may be equipped at a time, but it may be equipped in any console slot.


Experimental Weapon – Threat Deterrent Charge Launcher

The Threat Deterrent Charge Launcher periodically leaves behind an energy charge which will seek out your current target at high speeds. This electrically-charged projectile is built to interfere with the enemy's systems, making subtle changes to their weapons' targeting parameters, that will make your ship appear to be less threatening than it might otherwise be, and eventually render them briefly incapable of attacking your vessel.

Equipping this weapon has a passive masking effect on your other ship's systems, making them appear to be less threatening than they otherwise would. This has a passive effect of reducing the amount of Threat your starship generates.

Starship Trait – Precision Scrapper

While this trait is slotted, dealing damage to an enemy with Surgical Strikes, Beam Overload, or Tractor Beam will cause a buff to be created for each teammate within 10km of the damaged foe. These buffs will quickly follow their intended target (you or another player on your team), then apply a beneficial effect chosen at random which will last up to 30 seconds.

This trait may only trigger a maximum of once every 2 seconds.


Jeremy “BorticusCryptic” Randall
Systems Designer
Star Trek Online


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