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Star Trek Online

Save 30% on R&D and Doff Packs!

By Ambassador Kael | Thu 19 Mar 2020 08:00:00 AM PDT

Starting today, we’re making some much needed updates to the Duty Officer Packs on PC, and having a massive sale on our Infinity Promotion Packs – both Research and Development and Duty Officer! These packs can open into a T6 Starship, including the classic Constitution Class and the brand new Section 31 Battlecruiser! Here’s the updates we’re making:

  • We’re adding a Duty Officer Pack Bundle, with a starting, pre-sale price of 1000 Zen. This pack includes a Fleet Pack, a Delta Pack,  a Gamma Pack, and a Romulan Pack.
  • Each of those four packs will now have an additional Uncommon and Rare Duty Officer.
  • The Reinforcement Pack is being retired.
  • The Tuffli Freighter from the Reinforcement Pack is now a potential reward in the Gamma Pack, replacing the previous potential reward of four fleet modules.
  • The four fleet module potential reward is being removed from the Delta Pack, and we are increasing the odds of winning one of the bonus traits instead.
  • The Delta, Gamma, Romulan, and Fleet Packs will now have a pre-sale price of 300 Zen.

In addition, until March 22nd at 10am PT, we’re putting all Infinity Duty Officer and Infinity Research and Development Packs on sale for 30% off!


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