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Star Trek Online

Romulan Imperial Minefield

By Julia (nitocris83) | Thu 26 Apr 2018 09:00:00 AM PDT

Long-time veteran players of Star Trek Online may well remember the team events of Gorn Minefield and Federation Minefield – queued activities in which your team tries to free captive freighters from clusters of mines, then drives off enemy ships in order to retake asteroid mining facilities, all capped with a battle at the end against a powerful enemy flagship. The Minefield events are some of the earliest queued content that players will see, as even low-level captains can play them.
Of course, the Minefield queued events come from the earliest days of Star Trek Online, and so it’s about time we put a little bit of polish on them!

As part of the release of our new landing page, designed to help players find interesting things to do, we’ve updated the Minefield queued events and turned them into a new, slightly different story: The Romulan Imperial war machine, always hungry for raw materials, has taken over a remote asteroid mining facility. Starfleet and Klingon officers alike can join together, along with allied forces, to stop the Imperial military from stealing refined materials to make more warbirds.

You’ll find the gameplay of the Romulan Imperial Minefield is substantially the same: Alongside a heroic Starfleet captain, move in on Romulan ship formations, clear out mines, rescue freighters, repair the mine facilities, and finally face off against an Imperial Romulan Scimitar­-class dreadnought warbird. 

To make this event even more enjoyable, though, we’ve made several changes, including:

  • You can now team up across factions; Federation and Klingon captains, and Romulans aligned with those factions, can work together against the Romulan Star Empire in this event.
  • The mission map now includes waypoints, so you can tell where you need to go to find freighters in need of rescue or enemy ships to fight.
  • The enemies are, as you’d expect, now Romulan ships, and their minefields include plasma mines and cloaking tractor mines!
  • Any captain of level 11 or above can play! Enemy ships scale to the average level of the players in the event. All player captains have their level set to this same value, so low-level players can still contribute, while high-level captains still have the benefits of their many available powers. (Romulan captains must have chosen an allied faction; 23rd century Starfleet captains must have reached the 25th century.)
  • There’s no cooldown – play as often as you like! 


We hope that you enjoy this chance to revisit one of our earliest pieces of content in an updated format!


Jesse Heinig
Staff Game Designer
Star Trek Online

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