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Neverwinter Xbox: Tyranny of Dragons Features

By Akromatik
Tue 31 Mar 2015 10:00:00 AM PDT

As Neverwinter makes its way onto Xbox Ones across the globe, adventurers everywhere will be able to enjoy the gripping storyline and dragon-packed content of Tyranny of Dragons!

Set on the Sword Coast, Tyranny of Dragons tells the story of a rogue faction of the Cult of the Dragon desperately trying to free the Queen of Evil Dragons, Tiamat. Doing so will unleash her on Neverwinter and all of Toril. Seeing this, five factions from around the Sword Coast have put aside their differences to work together in defending the realms against the Cult.

The Cult, however, won’t be dissuaded so easily…

Calling upon their Draconic allies, the Cult has managed to take control of key points along the Sword Coast. Adventures will be called upon by each of the Sword Coast Factions to aid them in opposing the Cult’s presence and defeating the dragons working with them. Adventurers will combat these dragons in Heroic Encounters, where players can take down foes in large groups without needing to form a party. Adventurers will also be able to challenge the Shores of Tuern skirmish, which will pit adventurers against randomized sets of foes. The story of Tyranny of Dragons culminates in an epic battle on the Isle of Tuern with the deadly red dragon, Lostmauth.

With Tyranny of Dragons will also come powerful artifact gear. This gear is capable of leveling up with your character so long as they continue refining it.

The Scourge Warlock also joins the roster of playable classes in Tyranny of Dragons. Scourge Warlocks are powerful spellcasters who have made bargains with Dark Patrons to fuel their infernal powers. They specialize in decimating and destroying foes with eldritch power. In the world of Neverwinter this translates into a powerful damage dealer who focuses on particular foes and uses his Curses to deal decimating blows to the target. Warlocks of Neverwinter are members of Infernal Pacts, channeling the power of devils and the Nine Hells into their foes, leaving scorched earth in their wake.

We hope to see many of you combating the Cult of the Dragon and forging your destinies in spells and steel. See you in Neverwinter!

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