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Neverwinter Photo Battle Winter Edition

By DwightMC | Wed 03 Dec 2014 09:50:17 AM PST

The Neverwinter community has done a great job accepting and completing Season of Dragons goals and now it’s time to start yet another challenge. Since we got such a huge response from our previous Photoshop Battle, it’s time to bring it back with new characters and a new challenge!

Photo Battle Start: Wednesday December 3, 2014 at 10 AM PST

Photo Battle End: Wednesday December 10, 2014 at 10 AM PST

As with the last challenge we will be providing everyone with three images, one of a character in the Shou Ceremonial garb, one of Blackice Prospector companion and one of the powerful Tiamat. These images can be downloaded here.

Your goal, as a community, is to place these images in unlikely and humorous situations but place them in a Winter Themed Setting. That’s right, we’re getting into the holiday spirit and we want to see your winter themed images.

Once we receive 150 entries we will add a Dice Rolling item in the wondrous bazaar! Here are some images we’ve come up with just to give you guys an idea of what we’re looking for:

We want you to submit any and all photo creations in this thread on the Neverwinter Forums. Also, be sure to cite your sources for any copyrighted images. For those who are worried about not being able to take part because you don’t have Photoshop, don’t worry, you can simply place the image in MS Paint. Follow these steps if you’re going to us MS Paint:

  • Download the PNG files of the images provided.
  • Open the image you want to use (Knox or Lostmauth) in MS Paint
  • Copy the image by hitting CTRL-A then CTRL – C
  • Now open the background image you want to put the cutout onto.
  • CRTL – V to paste the cutout on top of the image
  • Under Select, hit “Transparent Selection”
  • This should remove all the white around the image.


We’re also going to be selecting the best Photo Battle creations to win a few extra prizes. For starters everyone who enters the contest will be entered for a chance to win a Dragonborn Legend pack! The Community Team will then get together at the end of the battle and will vote on their favorite creations. The top winners will get a Lord's Armored Polar Bear Mount with the first place winner also cementing their place on our Media Page.**

There are no restrictions to this challenge, you can submit one photo or as many as you can come up with. If you don’t have Photoshop you can try using free programs like GIMP or MS Paint. Remember, everyone who enters will also get a chance to win extra prizes so enter early and often! We can’t wait to see what you guys can come up with!

** Winners of the Dragonborn Legend Pack will be randomly drawn following the conclusion of the event. The Top finishers will be announced the following week!

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