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Patch Notes: Version: NW.280.20221201a.12

By Nitocris | Mon 06 Feb 2023 03:40:52 PM PST

Release Notes


Content and Environment


  • Temple of the Spider – Per player request, unlocking Temple of the Spider (Master) is now account wide. Characters who have unlocked ToS (Master) previously will have their accounts flagged for access over the next few days.


  • An issue with "The Rite of the Worm" and "Tempered in Shadows, Quenched in Waters" that could sometimes prevent healers and tanks from getting credit for completing mission objectives has been fixed.



Items and Economy

Appointment Event Store

  • Mounts now cost 2 Tokens of Achievement, down from 5.
  • Companions now cost 3 Tokens of Achievement, down from 5.
  • The Appointment Store now offers a Brilliant Diamond instead of a Blood Ruby for Tokens of Participation.
  • The Appointment Store now offers a 72 Slot Bag of Holding instead of a 60 Slot Bag of Holding for Tokens of Challenge, instead of Tokens of Achievement.


  • The Tentacle Rod should no longer improperly stop bosses from performing their actions.



Localization notes


  • All localized text in French, German, Italian, and Russian locales is now up-to-date as of January 30, 2023.


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