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Patch Notes: Version: NW.137.20220522a.22

By Nitocris | Wed 20 Jul 2022 10:27:05 PM PDT



Summer Festival

  • Known issue: Some text was unfortunately unable to be localized in time to ship with the event. The mount in the Zen Market should read:
    • Item, Mount, and Zen Market name: Radiant Rune Board
    • Equip Power: Refreshing Breeze
      • X% Stamina Regeneration
      • +Y Combined Rating
    • Combat Power: Radical Radiance
      • Use: You glow with a radical radiance, becoming stronger, tougher, faster, and more skilled in combat.
      • Apply Effect: Increase your damage by X%
      • Duration: 10 seconds
      • Apply Effect: Increase your Forte by Y%
      • Duration: 10 seconds
      • Apply Effect: Increase your AP Gain by Z%
      • Duration: 10 seconds
    • Description: A colorful floating board adorned with commissioned works from the most well-known artists in Faerûn! Adding this artwork to your collection will sure have you be the talk of the town. Won’t you catch the wave?
  • Sahha: Instead of going out of bounds and forcing a reset, the ball now bounces back into the play area in most cases.
    • It can still reset if it goes over the goal, and it can be tough to get the ball out of a corner, but the play experience now has significantly fewer interruptions.
  • New Rewards:
    • Rune Board mount (Favors of Sune)
    • Dragonborn Grillmaster companion (Fireblossom Petals)
    • Summery Fashion (Fireblossom Petals)
  • New Purchases:
    • Radiant Rune Board mount (Legendary quality, 4000 Zen)
    • Fireblossom Zealot companion (Epic quality, 1500 Zen, moved from Fireblossom Petals reward last year)




Content and Environment


  • Kessell’s Retreat: The portal now properly appears after opening the end chest.
  • Vault of Stars: The portal now properly appears after opening the end chest.



Combat and Powers


  • The tooltip for the Charm of the Serpent artifact now properly states that it increases enemy damage taken by 2/4/6/8/10% based on quality, instead of the tooltip’s incorrect values of 4/8/12/16/16%. The actual effect has not changed for Rare (blue) quality and above.
  • Charm of the Serpent now increases enemy damage taken by 2% at Uncommon (green) quality, reduced from 4%.



Enemies and Encounters

Rise of Tiamat

  • The Cult of the Dragon enemies in Phase 1 will no longer despawn when the Summoners are defeated.
  • Tiamat is now properly flagged as a dragon in Phase 5, and will properly be affected by certain dragon-specific buffs and debuffs.
  • Safeguards have been added to prevent the minibosses from getting out of the combat area.
  • (Master difficulty only) Tiamat's Aura will now activate during Phase 4 if the phase is not completed quickly enough.



Items and Economy


  • The Apprentice's Ruined Gauntlets can now be refined.



User Interface


  • All types of Scrolls of Life should now properly be usable from the Defeat screen.

Hunt Modifiers

  • When opened, the Hunt Modifier screen now closes existing contact dialogs and vendor screens. This addresses an issue where these screens could overlap in a way that prevented interaction.



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