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2x Professions & VIP-Only Discount!

By Julia (nitocris83) | Thu 10 Jun 2021 07:25:00 AM PDT

Reap the rewards of your laborers’ work even more with a Double Professions Week! During this time morale costs will be halved, allowing you to do 2x as many profession tasks in a day. Masterwork nodes will continue to grant double resources.

In addition, VIP Members Rank 3+ get 25% off one Profession purchase.*

20% off Professions starts Thursday, June 10 at 7:30am PT (16:30 CEST)

20% off Professions ends Thursday, June 17 at 7:30am PT (16:30 CEST)

Note: Profession tasks no longer grant double XP

*Limited to 1 discounted purchase per account.

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