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Patch Notes: Version: NW.95.20180306e.19

By Julia (nitocris83) | Wed 23 May 2018 06:44:36 PM PDT


Home Page Facelift

The first screen you see after loading into a map has been updated! It should now present plenty of information in a more visually appealing manner, and the information displayed will likely be more relevant to the interests of a wide variety of players. Included are a quick button to call up the Reward Claims Agent, information about two upcoming events, and playing tips that can change depending on progression.


Release Notes

Content and Environment


  • Harper Sudbury once again properly appears.
  • Players who were stuck in the Elemental Evil campaign will now automatically receive another Corrupted Text.
  • Several campfires in Omu and Soshenstar have been updated for consistency.

Masterwork Professions

  • The following quests now recognize when the requested items are obtained:
    • Fizz Fizz Bang Bang (Alchemy)
    • Far Out Man (Artificing)
    • Amulet You Finish (Jewelcrafting)
    • Hide and Seek (Leatherworking)
    • Express Mail (Mailsmithing)
    • In the Heat of the Knight (Platesmithing)
    • Lost in Transportation (Tailoring)
    • Steeling the Show (Weaponsmithing)


Combat and Powers


  • The way companions acquire targets has been reworked on a large scale to hopefully reduce the occurrences of them running off and starting fights.

Enemies and Encounters

  • Cradle of the Death God: The atropal's power "Turbulent Exhalation" has been adjusted. The force pulling players towards the center during the first half of this power has been reduced.

Item Powers

  • Chitters' Fangs: This item can no longer multi-proc off a single attack.
  • Chitters' Fangs: This item's effect now has a 10 second internal cooldown.
  • Earthtreaders no longer make companions disappear and unsummon at the end of combat.
  • Manticore Mane: This item can no longer multi-proc off a single attack.
  • Tyrant artifact weapons no longer keep players in combat longer than expected.
  • Unparalleled Thunderhead Enchantment now properly has an internal cooldown.


Items and Economy


  • The Mysterious Merchant now has a chance to carry new Stronghold decorations.


  • Bonus refinement items gained from dungeon reward chests during 2x Refining Stones events no longer incorrectly present as a choice rather than a bonus reward.
  • The Bile Drenched Scale can now properly drop in the appropriate circumstances.
    • Certain players who should have received one, but didn't, will receive a new one when they log in.
  • The Dwarven Battlerager companion now properly binds to character when "equipped."
  • The White Owlbear mount is now Bound to Account from all sources.


User Interface


  • The Guild Roster can now properly be sorted by Logout Time, Status, Member Comment, and Officer Comment (if applicable).


Art, Animation, and Effects


  • An issue was addressed where some visual effects would unexpectedly flicker.
  • Hellfire Bulette: This mount no longer tanks players' performance when summoned.


Performance and Stability


  • A few potential crash cases were addressed.

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