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Community Guide - Game Settings

By sunnys1deup
Mon 05 Jun 2017 04:48:28 PM PDT

Guide created by dzolee.


Simple guide for game settings

Part 1

Since I am sure that close to 50% (maybe even more) of game population playing with default game settings and key binds I would like add here just a simple tips how to make your gameplay more easyer and enjoyable.

So if you have not so great PC most likely you will want to have same System settings just like in picture below.

Your resolution should be the same one that is recomended for your monitor or the one that you alredy using on your PC because if you change game/program windows with ALT+TAB there will be a little delay as result of changing resolutions.

Playing on window mode have its own benefits but if you have two game windows opened (alter character) on not so great PC it can cause significant FPS drop.

For arena players and those who want practise their combo on their alter character, window mode is recomended as you can get a ''black screen'' by changing game windows with ALT+TAB on fullscreen and if that happens you will have to close game and open it again.

So lets now move to Gameplay settings, here you can turn ON or OFF most of things by your wish.

Still, I need to comment about four important things here:
1. Double-tap Movement to Recover - If this setting is turned OFF and if you are in middle of fight hitted by other player/boss with knock down skill (without imobilize effect) or grabed... game allows you to recover on side using SPACE + RIGHT CLICK by default. By turning this setting ON you can do recover with double press on your movement keys (W, A, S, D). This is very important for pvp as it allows you to react more faster, to recover in your desired direction and it increasing possibility to block next attack.

2. Combo skills trigger automatically - If this setting is turned OFF, skills that are consisted of more attacks/hits (example, Ambidexterity, Multitude...) by default you need press very fast and brake your fingers. By turning this setting ON, all attacks/hits will be unleashed by one single press.

3. Tab Target Selection: Ignore players - If you are class without heal skills, probably it is ok to turn this on. Still if you dont bother targeting other players while you fighting against some mobs then it can stay turned OFF.

4. Notify on the level of combat focus - I found this to be useful since Combat focus bar sometimes getting buged and it happens that texture move from central position so it can't be read if you have x 2, x 3 or some other number.

Key bind settings are always most important thing in every game, specialy for PVP as they give you speed and more faster reactions. Everyone should try different combinations even if you alredy got used on default key binds. Playing different classes most likely requires different key binding so there is no key binds that would be good for every player... Still, I would like to give here only few simple tips what should be good to change.

1. Block - Blocking is one of most important things in this game, thats why it is almost required to remove block from ''X'' and assign him on your best key and as example, that for me is ''Q''.

2. Skills (Power) - All your skills should be close to your movement keys (W, A, S, D). By default, skill keys 1, 2, 3, 4 clearly matching to that requirement. But skill keys 5, 6, 7, 8 have to be changed.
Where to put them? Well, just as example, you can remove ''Character Interface'' from C and ''Control Hotkey'' from R. Those keys are very important for PVP that should not be wasted and since you removed block from X you have it free for one of your skills or...

Main Quick Bars - This bars are empty slots on the right side of your skills, they are very useful since you can put there items from your bag that you use most. You can put there your favorite mounts, different gears, buffs, potions, warsouls with different awakenings or your projectiles.
To be able of using your desired projectiles with easy in combat, you can change the default key binds for certain slots like it is shown in picture below.

3. Customized combo - Many players dont even know what is this setting and how good can be specialy for those 1-20 Level players that just started playing game with having only 4 slow skills. Also for customized combo to work, ''Combo Cast'' must be turned ON in control scheme under ''Combo'' power.

To open customized combo window you first need press ''K'' and click on the customized combo icon (purple box on picture below)

When you open customized combo window, there you you can add/edit your skills and basic attacks in empty slots at bottom... In what order you add skills and basic attacks, in that order they will be casted once when you press customized combo key (for me that is key C but you can leave it on default key E or any other).

In picture below there is one and most common example what you can do with customized combo.
It makes your basic attacks much faster and it is great for every class in game.

In this picture below is one combo for pvp for situation when your opponent become ''red'' (Red bar on maximum).
As you can see, it is possible to use different basic attacks combined together with skills.

How to make that ? You can add your first basic attacks, save and close window. Then you need go back on skill window (''K')' and put different basic attack as your main. After that you need open again customized combo window and add your new/second basic attack. This also allows you to use one basic attack on your right click and second basic attack which is faster on your customized combo key.

One more nice thing that I can classify as game settings is your Customized Skill Style. You can add/buy them how much you need by pressing on + button at end (costing 250 sycee each).

Each style can include only skills that are meant for different purpose, event, etc. I found it very useful for very fast combat. For example when you spend all those lost arts with cooldown of 2 minute you can just change style with other skills with lower cooldowns while you wait cooldowns of first style. (Tip: While you switch styles dont forget to stop targeting and to get out from combat stance because all skills from that style will go on cooldown, can be done by pressing ''esc'' key).



Part 2

The last group of settings are in Control Scheme and as I using only ''SM Classic'' control scheme maybe im not the right pearson who can talk about it but still I can only write few words.

I never played ''Tradition 3D'' and I dont know anyone who play it.
For ''Action'' I can only say that is for PVP players and if you dont like PVP, probably you will not like this control scheme as well, but for some classes action control scheme is highly recommended.

Note: Picture below showing my personal control scheme settings on Shaolin class and it is not realy applicable for other players, even other shaolins because of different key binds and playstyle.

SM Classic - Some skills have naturally only ''Locked Target'' mechanic and without having a target, you cant perform them. Such skills are mainly grab and dash skills. It is very useful to have ''Auto Repeat Cast'' turned ON on those skills.

Auto repeat cast means that your skill will be pressed very fast multiple times while you holding that skill key.
Benefits of having this setting turned ON are:
- Can be used as counter attack if someone doing advanced cancels on you or other fast dash skills (all credits goes to Yangzhi who teached me/us this part).
- It allowing your to perform those advanced and double advanced cancels much easyer.

Other type of skills in order to perform them you need aim or to have some target.

On ''SM Classic'' control scheme you can aim those skills by holding ''Toggle Aim'' key which is by default on SHIFT. For certain situation in combat sometimes is better to use aiming and for some situations it is better to let your locked target setting do all job for you.

Locked target means that your skill will follow the last place where your target was in moment when you casted that skill. So if your target is walking or runing most likely skill will miss target if animation is too slow.

By turning ON auto repeat cast/combo cast combined with locked target, some skills like Staff Thrust (Acupuncture) of shaolin class or Death Touch LA, will repeat locking target during whole animation of skill, which means that skill will follow your target while it walk, run or recover from ground in different direction.

Combo cast means that some skills, after they are done, will trigger automatically your basic attacks. If you dont like this, chose ''Manually Cast'' or better ''Auto Repeat Cast'' on those skills.

Similar type of skills are those skills on which, before casting them, you are able to chose area anywhere in range of that skills. Main benefit from those skills is that you can aim them behind players, behind their block direction or on players that moving around.
On ''SM Classic'' control scheme chosing between ''Area Select'' or ''Locked Target'' on such skills is mostly dependant of your class. If you have chosed locked target, you still can select area by holding toggle aim key (SHIFT by default) like it is shown in picture below. 

In order to not be forced to press that skill twice (one time for area select, second time for skill cast) you can tun ON auto repeat cast and skill will be pressed automatically twice while you holding your key.

Option ''Close in'' means that if you want cast your skill on target that is out of range of that skill, your character will simply walk (close in) to the range where skill can be casted. This you can turn OFF or ON by your choice.

Note: I dont claim that this guide posses 100% correct information and explanation nor things that someone should follow, it is only small and simple collection of knowladge without unnecessary details that helped me as well long time ago... If someone possess greater knowledge it is free to write and share it with others.


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