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Marketplace Update

By enelimm
Thu 05 Jan 2017 09:00:00 AM PST



Starts: 01/05/17, after the maintenance



Chance Packs


Seven-Star Might Pack
50 Sycee

Soaring Dragon Amulet EXO * Wooden Gear
Soul Bind Amulet EXO * Luck-Changing Bead
Soaring Dragon Amulet ENDO * LV3 Reinvigoration Pill
Soul Bind Amulet ENDO * Stardust
Burning Leech Scroll Pack LV3 Refinement Stone
Gold Palm Scroll Pack Gear Infusion Charm
Thorn Coral IV Gear Disassembly Charm
Horn Coral IV  

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Another Storm Pack
50 Sycee

Squidlina * LV2 Refinement Stone
Glazed Bead Charm * LV3 Refinement Stone
Ring of Valor * LV2 Reinvigoration Pill
Ocean Blast Scroll Pack LV3 Reinvigoration Pill
Shadow Walk Scroll Pack Stardust
Elephant Stomp Scroll Pack Luck-Changing Bead
Star Bloom Scroll Pack Handcrafted Set Material Pack

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Item Release


Wooden Gear
75 Sycee






All Projectile-related items are 25% off!


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