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Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online: Temporal Front Episode

By LaughingTrendy | Tue 12 Apr 2016 08:45:41 AM PDT

"You-know-who is on a non-priority channel, Captain."

“Careful, Number One,” Vakek smiled faintly at Commander T’Nesh, his newly-transferred first officer. “In my experience, it’s wise to respect the rank, if not the man. Send the message to me here in my ready room, if you please.” With that, the captain of the U.S.S. Tempus awaited the latest message from his fellow command officer.

The angry face of Captain S’eeris appeared on Vakek’s monitor. "Another report from the 25th Century," the Gorn rumbled. "How many more reports from Walker, Daniels, and Ducane do we need to read before we get to see some of our own?"

"Greetings to you too, my friend,” said Vakek. “I would remind you that Temporal Directive 149 forbids us from reading future reports so as to not influence our actions." The Romulan smiled at the captain of the U.S.S. Poh. Calls such as this came in from him every so often. Gorn were so… passionate at times. What was the saying? “Cold blood, hot tempers.” A maxim that definitely applied to Captain S’eeris.

"Bah! Forget the Directives! I want some action!" Vakek quietly nodded in response to the Gorn’s aggression. "We should be hunting down the Krenim and Na'kuhl leaders in response to their attack on the Accords."

”S’eeris, I fear I must remind you of a fact you know quite well,” Vakek said in calm and even tones. “Temporal Fleet Command has need of us elsewhere – elsewhen – and no amount of grumbling will change that.”

“I should’ve remained in the Eighth Fleet,” hissed the Gorn in response. “At least then I’d be able to deal with those border disputes going on in Gamma Quadrant in our own time, instead of chasing a band of egg-eating Ferengi time bandits through the timestream!”

"I am sure that you will eventually get your own Archer or Janeway or-" Vakek was interrupted from naming Captain Walker’s 2410 liaison by the voice of Commander T'Nesh on his ready room comm unit. 

"Sir, sorry to interrupt, but a Priority One just came in from the Pastak. Captain Walker needs you immediately in the Na'kuhl System, Starda-"

"Set course and prepare Temporal Drive. I will be out momentarily." Vakek looked back at the image of the now-grinning Gorn. “I take it by the amount of teeth you’re showing that your mood has improved, Captain.”

"Finally! As the humans say, last one there's an overripe hatching pod!"

The screen went dark before Vakek could remind his fellow captain that humans weren’t hatched from pods.

Experience our latest featured episode, “The Temporal Front” and follow the aftermath of the incident at the Temporal Accords. Every action has consequences across time and space. “The Temporal Front” continues our new season and our new story, and includes great rewards that you can earn over the course of several weeks.

For a limited time, “The Temporal Front” will be available to all players level 10 and up (Romulan players must have selected a faction). After this, it will be in our normal mission journal progression.

Ryon Levitt
Staff Content Designer
Star Trek Online

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