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Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online: Release Notes: February 19th 2016

By Alex
Thu 18 Feb 2016 07:45:41 PM PST


  • T6 Odyssey Bundle:
    • Resolved an issue with the dual beam placement on Odyssey variants: they now fire from beam array on the saucer.
    • The fleet logo is no longer mirrored on the Odyssey saucer.
    • Long ship names are no longer slightly cut off on the edges on the Odyssey variants.
    • Added the Endeavour, Sojourner and Yorktown to the Foundry.
    • Renamed several Odyssey costumes in the Foundry to better reflect what they represent.
  • The Omni-Directional Chroniton Array now has sound effects when using Fire at Will.
  • XP Weekend has been replaced by Marks Weekend for 2/18 – 2/22.


Known Issues:

  • Selecting “Ready Starship” in the ship selector is not moving slotted items over to the ship for some players.
  • Changing the T5 Bortasqu’ with the T6 variants saucer & hull causes incorrect ship geo alignment.
  • There are numerous clipping issues with the Mirror Universe outfits as well as missing pip ranks.
  • The APU Cruiser, Malon Battlecruiser, and Kazon Raider Admiralty Ships display as Blue/Rare quality, when they should be Green/Uncommon.


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