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Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online: U.S.S. Hadrian

By LaughingTrendy | Tue 17 Nov 2015 10:57:54 AM PST

Tactical Officer's Report, U.S.S. Hadrian

We responded to an incident on the edge of Federation space. A Tholian ship was seen near the Mizar system colony. The Orb Weaver – identified as the Taksene - has been detaining and scanning local shuttle traffic. When the Hadrian responded, the Taksene jumped to maximum warp.

Captain Silvok has ordered the Hadrian to remain in system in case the Tholians return. I have been conducting a sensor upgrade with the locals so they can see Tholian ships at a greater range. That should give them a better chance of escaping, should the Tholians return and prove hostile.

End Log.


Captain's Log, U.S.S. Nye, Captain Wallace recording

Our scientific survey of the Mizar sector came to a brief halt when a small fleet of Tholian ships entered the sector. They appeared to be conducting a scientific scan of the local stellar activity as we were. Tholians haven't been the friendliest of species but I decided to attempt to communicate with them on the hypothesis we might find common ground in science.

The lead Tholian ship fired a warning shot which was followed by their typical reprocessed audio. I ordered the crew to back the Nye away from the Tholians and to continue their stellar scans. I also had the crew monitor the Tholians, who completed their scans of the area and left abruptly.

I have sent a formal report to Starfleet Command but I saw no reason to pursue the Tholians. We've moved back to our previous location. The visiting science team assures me that the brief interruption will not have a major impact on their studies.


End Log.

Personal Log, Seven of Nine.

My second week with the science team of the Hawking has been especially productive. I believe that after so much war, the opportunity to conduct new research for the sake of science has lent the team additional focus and energy. I admit I am finding this change of pace especially refreshing.

Perhaps this is why the presence of so many Tholians near the Hawking has set me on edge. I have regained the ability to conduct scientific inquiries without needing to focus on wartime solutions, and I am reluctant to re-engage in wartime policies. The decisions made and the questions posed at the end of the war are ones I find myself reflecting upon and considering even now. While I am pleased that in the end the Federation was able to remain true to our core values, I find myself wary of returning to situations where such hard considerations need to be made at all.

Thus far, though Captain Anaig has attempted to hail them, the Tholians have remained remote and appear to be disinclined to interact with us. I find myself hoping this remains the case, lest they decide to engage in hostile actions.

Tomorrow we will be conducting a survey of the Gale-Vos nebula cluster. I am looking forward to seeing if Dr. Ramachandran's hypothesis bears out in the test conditions we have devised.

End log.

Katherine Bankson
Content Designer
Star Trek Online

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