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Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online: Trait System Improvements

By LaughingTrendy | Fri 13 Nov 2015 02:41:11 PM PST

Currently, our ground-based and space-based Personal Traits are grouped into the same category. This leaves people at a distinct disadvantage when they go on a ground mission with all space-based traits, and the other way around. It’s an area of the game which has been need of some attention. Constantly having to swap traits around simply isn’t fun.

Going forward, Personal Traits will be split into two panels within the trait UI – Ground Personal Traits and Space Personal Traits. Players will have access to the same number of traits (9, 10 if playing an Alien species) for both sections, and these traits unlock at the same levels as before. The UI properly sorts out ground and space traits, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally slotting the wrong type of trait.

Additionally, we recognized different species had access to different numbers of ground and space traits. Some species would not have enough options to fill out their Ground Personal Traits and Space Personal Traits without having earned extra ones. As such, we’ve added 4 new ground and 14 new space traits. These new traits are available to all species, regardless of rank or faction. This gives all players more choices with how to improve their characters, based on your own play-style.

The new traits are:

Space Traits

  • Imposing Presence
    • +Threat gen, +outgoing hull healing
  • Innocuous
    • –Threat gen, + Crit Severity
  • Fleet Coordinator
    • +All Damage for each member of your team (self included)
  • Particle Defense Specialist
    • +Antiproton, Polaron, and Tetryon Resists
  • Molecular Defense Specialist
    • +Phaser, Disruptor, and Plasma Resists
  • Impact Defense Specialist
    • +Kinetic and Physical Resists
  • Cannon Training
    • +Cannon Weapon Damage
  • Beam Training
    • +Beam Weapon Damage
  • Projectile Training
    • +Projectile Weapon Damage
  • Shield Frequency Analyst
    • +Outgoing Shield Healing
  • Bulkhead Technician
    • +Max Hull Hit Points
  • Operative
    • +Crit Chance and Crit Severity
  • Thrill-seeker
    • +Flight Speed and Full Impulse Speed

Ground Traits

  • Pistol Training
    • +Pistol Weapon Damage
  • Rifle Training
    • +Rifle Weapon Damage
  • Assault Training
    • +Assault Weapon Damage
  • Field Technician
    • –Kit Module Recharge Time


We feel these changes will go a long way in terms of improving the gameplay experience. Please remember to check out what traits you have equipped, and fill in both categories.

See you in game!

Jon “CrypticRock” Steady
Systems Designer
Star Trek Online

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