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Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online: Post War Era #2: Lukari Species

By LaughingTrendy | Wed 28 Oct 2015 09:00:00 AM PDT

Personal Mission Journal Day 01 - Administrator Kuumaarke

Today we will begin our study of the Sun’s strange behavior. Chief among the questions we’re asking is if this recent reduction in luminosity is part of a larger cycle or if it is permanent. I am thankful, if somewhat surprised, that the Science Council approved all my personnel requests. These are the finest scientific minds the council has to offer and together we will discover what has caused our star to become so dim. The team is eager and determined. I know we’ll be advancing stellar science by decades when we’re done.

Personal Mission Journal Day 03 - Administrator Kuumaarke

We haven’t found much concrete information as of yet, but progress is being made. The leading theory, at least today, is that the natural fusion reactions aren’t reacting properly. This does not appear to be a cycle we can wait out.  It’s unlike anything I have certainly seen, and it’s stumped the team, but I have full faith they’ll figure it out.

I know the world is counting on us and that the stakes are very high, but there is something wonderful about an extended space mission. The local system has so much to offer us, but it’s hard to see the scale of what we have when you’re stuck planetside and working on budgetary reports. At least now I get to do my budgets with a view of our whole system!


Personal Mission Journal Day 07 - Administrator Kuumaarke

While my team is making progress, it’s slower than we would like. It’s slower than the Science Council would like, too. The Planetary Council is looking to us for answers and they want them now! I’ve spent most of the last two days running interference with the planet-based managers. They mean well, but I know my team and they will work best uninterrupted.

Researcher Teendaa suggested we might ask the Ferengi if they have any idea if this has happened before. I’ve considered asking, I imagine the Planetary Council has as well, but the Ferengi seem to care for economics exclusively and have little love for the natural sciences. If the last interaction is any indication they’d make us pay for the information and it might not be correct.

I have full confidence in our ability to solve this puzzle; the Lukari have solved every other scientific puzzle we’ve discovered so far, after all! And yet as the sun gets dimmer, I’m beginning to question if we’ll find the answer in time. I can’t help but wonder if we’d actually gone to other worlds instead of sending probes, would be in this situation? Would we already know the answer if we’d seen it for ourselves elsewhere? I guess we’ll never know.

I do know we’ll solve this sooner or later.

Personal Mission Journal Day 10 - Administrator Kuumaarke

Our star is dying.

It wasn’t the news any of us wanted to hear, but it is now an undeniable fact. The Planetary Council is talking about what to do. Exodus has been suggested. While our fastest ships can achieve something the Ferengi call “warp two”, we don’t have that many. Most ships are scientific research vessels like this one. We don’t have room for everyone. We haven’t needed to leave the system before now. There was so much to discover here we never needed to look beyond. Where would we go? The other races we have met, the Ferengi and the Tzenkethi, have been… less than gracious. I don’t imagine they would welcome eight billion refugees.

This is our home.

We need to save our star.


Personal Mission Journal Day 15 - Administrator Kuumaarke

The situation is becoming dire on Lukari as the sun dims. It is beginning to affect our crops and soon it will hurt our wildlife, but we have a plan. It’s crazy, but it’s the best option we have.

I just presented my team’s solution to the Planetary Council on behalf of the Science Council and we’ve been told to go ahead. I’ve been given additional resources to accomplish it. It’s a lot but I won’t let my people down. I’ve reminded my team just how widely they’ve expanded our knowledge of stellar phenomenon, and that I know they can solve this problem too. They’re all going to be answers on secondary school tests!

Putting it simply, we’re building a special solar probe and payload. If everything goes correctly, we’ll be able to reignite our star. The science looks sound even if a month ago I would have been astounded by the audacity of the idea.

Maybe a little bit of crazy is just what we need.

Kate Bankson
Content Designer
Star Trek Online

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