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Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online: Delta Rising Level Curve

By LaughingTrendy | Wed 14 Oct 2015 09:00:00 AM PDT

The Star Trek Online development team is incredibly proud of all the stories we’ve been able to tell from launch until now. With the conclusion of the Iconian War episode arc we’ve been able to add a great conclusion to a story that’s been almost 6 years in the making. And as we get ready to begin the next chapter of STO, we want to make sure that all players, new and old, have a chance to experience the current story to its exciting finale. To that end we will be decreasing the minimum level requirements to play the episodes that make up the Iconian War arc as well as many of the episodes that make up the Delta Quadrant arc which directly precede it.

Currently, the episodes that make up the Delta Quadrant arc go from minimum level 50 to minimum level 60 and all the episodes that make up the Iconian War arc are minimum level 60. As part of the Season 11: New Dawn update, coming October 27th, the episodes that make up the Delta Quadrant arc will now have minimum level requirements of 50 to 56 and the episodes of the Iconian War arc will have minimum level requirements of 56 to 59. For more detailed information please consult your mission journal in-game.

Because of the Kobali Prime Adventure Zone’s integration into the Delta Quadrant story, it too has had its episodes’ minimum levels adjusted, from the current range of 54 to 58 to new minimum levels of 52 to 54, which coincide with its place within the Delta Quadrant arc. With this update we were also able to take advantage of a new system that allows us to set the Player’s effective fighting level to a specific value within a given area of a map rather than across that entire map, as it is currently set up. This means that while fighting in the Trenches area of Kobali Prime, players will now have all their powers scaled to an effective fighting level of 52 (53 for the Hillside area and 54 for the Vaadwaur Base area).

We would like to specifically call out that these updates are only for the minimum required level to play these episodes and will not affect rewards (Skill Points, Dilithium, etc.) or any other aspect of these episodes. Additionally, all existing episodes not part of the two arcs mentioned above will remain at their current minimum required level and place in STO’s story.

The end of the Iconian war has given us a unique opportunity to revisit the progression path for the existing episodes. As the game and its story continue to progress, future episodes will be built to fit into this updated progression.

Charles Gray
Lead Content Designer
Star Trek Online

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